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Friday, October 28, 2011

Jun Nishioka

Friday Fabulous Flyer!

Jun Nishioka

This week Jun earned his English Certificate—TOEFL—Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Congratulations Jun with a great accomplishment!

What makes this extra special is that this accomplishment brings Jun one step closer to reaching his dream of becoming a pilot.

June wrote to me sharing his great news. He said, “I am so happy, and excited with my family. I am looking forward to learning aviation, and meeting you in USA in the near future. The next step is to apply for USA Visa. I think it takes 1 month to get F-1 Visa. Thank you for motivating me up by writing to the world especially when I have a hard time. I won’t stop to learn English forever!!”

Jun has worked at Yamaguchi University as a teaching assistant and studied Environmental Engineering, he knows both Japanese and English, and is a friend to the world—at 22 years old he has his dreams in focus and a vision to be your captain one day.

Jun is planning on attending Flight Safety in Florida in the near future—a long way to go from his home in Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan. When I asked Jun what made him decide to go to Flight Safety he told me they have a program for International Students. But his story is a little more complex.

Jun: In 2010, I took an exam of civil aviation school in Japan. Many Japanese airline pilots start to build their career in this school. There are 3 kinds of examinations. First one is knowledge exam… Japanese, English, Physics, Math, and News. Second one is medical check… all students who are eligible to take the exam are healthy people. The school wants the perfect student. Third one is the interview. I failed at the second one and didn't want to accept this result. I consulted my family about my future. Fortunately, they really understand how much I really want to become an airline pilot, and they said to me that you should go to USA to study how to fly.

I really appreciate their kindness, and start to look for school in Internet. But I have no idea which school is good for me, and one of my best friends from Canada (He is already pilot) recommended me to go to flight safety. Because he knows aviation world a lot, and I trust him always, and from article in Internet, I decided to enroll in Flight Safety Academy. Last May, my dad and I went to survey Flight safety, and we are impressed by the environment, and decided to enroll in there for sure.

Karlene: Jun, what was your greatest challenge earning your English certificate?

June: My greatest challenge earning my English certificate is that I didn't have friends. Although I have Japanese friends in Japan, and friends from another countries on social network, I need to fight to my weakness by myself because my friends don't need English certificate right now. That was a greatest challenge to study by myself. Because I am kind of person who want to ask questions when I have no idea, and want to share my idea when my friends have heard time while studying.

Karlene: I have no idea how you did this on your own. You are amazing. When did you know you wanted to become a pilot?

Jun: As far as I remember, since I was 6 or 7 years old, I have had dream of becoming an airline pilot. I cannot forget the feeling every time I board airplane. I respect how wonderful pilot can take responsible for passenger's life, family, and dream. I don't know how to express this feeling even in Japanese.

Karlene: Many of us have a hard time expressing that feeling. Since I’ve known you, I’ve learned one special thing about you and that is your positive attitude. So I have to ask, where did you get your great attitude from?

Jun: Thank you very much! I am sorry but I don't know. But I am sure I won't act what I don't want (like). I will act with passion what I want (like). I really love to achieve my dream, and want to hear aviation world from airline pilot on your blog. The reason why I like to read your writing is not only this, but also you are inspirational pilot.

Karlene: I always appreciate your kind words and wonderful comments. But you are also very supportive of everyone, and motivating. Were you raised that way, or how did you find such a kindness in yourself?

Jun: Thank you very much!! I am sorry but again I don't know exactly. I guess because of my family and my friends!!! I think the people surrounding me grow me up little by little. The reason why I like to support friends is that I really want family and friends success, which is great medicine for me. Also I really appreciate their mental help. I know without family and friends, I won't be able to achieve my dream.

Jun with Queenie Hou and Buddy Masangya

Karlene: Your friends and family are very lucky to have you part of their world. If more people understood what great medicine supporting others success is, the healthier and happier we would all be. So tell me, what will it mean for you to fly?

Jun: In the future, I want to think flying as my principal tool to inspire many people. Because I am inspired by pilot every time I board the airplane. I cannot imagine my current life if I don't have dream. That's why...

Jun visits me in Osaka upon landing

Karlene: That is an excellent “why.” Have you ever flown before?

Jun: I have flown as a passenger many times. I have flown 1 time with piper when my dad and I visited at Flight safety academy. We were so excited to fly for 1 hour, and one of my memorial days is this day.

Karlene: Jun, you will have many more memorable days in your future.

Jun: Thank you for asking me questions, Karlene san!! I will protect my dream. Right now I have 2 feelings. 1 is I am looking forward to learning new skills. Another is I am worrying about my future.

Have a great day,
warm regards,

For the readers, today’s Friday Flyer is a surprise for Jun. He had no idea when I sent him these questions that he would be subject to sharing his life with the world.

I wanted to congratulate Jun on accomplishing his TOEFL, for not accepting the results of that second exam, for his family supporting him, and for his courage to venture across the world to follow his dream. For all he is, and all he does for his friends and family, for the kind and gentle spirit and his willingness to support everyone—Congratulations Jun. You deserve every success that will come your way.

You will protect your dreams. You will learn new skills. But never worry about your future. Keep doing what you’re doing and the path will be there for you. Worry is wasted energy for those who do, give, and achieve—there is no time or energy to worry—you’re too busy. You will achieve all your dreams. There will be struggles along the way, but that’s what you have friends and family for—support.

Please take a moment and congratulate Jun, give him your words of wisdom, and we will follow his career. The sky is no longer the limit.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. Congratulations to Jun on his degree! And thank you for sharing his story. You inspire me so much Jun with your indomitable spirit and enthusiasm. I wish you the very best of luck and have no doubt your future will be bright. :)

  2. Congratulations Jun! Keep following your dreams and don't give up.

  3. Congratulations Jun! I can tell you will be a great pilot-very motivated. Good luck with your training and looking forward to hear how it progresses!

  4. This is fabulous, Jun. So many congratulations! Like Karlene, I can't imagine how you learned English on your own. It is not an easy language! If you can do that, you can do all of your dreams. Best of luck to you, and thank you for being such a giving and inspiring young man.

  5. Congratulations Jun! I wish you all the best in your dreams of becoming a pilot. :)

  6. Well done Jun, you have very inspirational story! You persisted to continue with your dream of being a pilot, and you still persist. You have a great attitude towards life and focus on the positive things like looking forward to your career. I share the same feelings as you - I am also worried about my future but I remain confident about attaining my dream of being a pilot. Congratulations!

  7. Thank you so much,Karlene san for writing about me,and giving me great advice.Your writing made me say good-bye to my worries.

    Thank you so much everyone for wonderful comments.I am so happy that I am trying to achieve my dream with many friends,and appreciate your kindness.Thanks again!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Heather, Theresa and Fabian, Thank you all for wishing Jun the best!

  9. Thank you Dan. I know we'll hear more from Jun. One day you may be flying with him too. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Linda, Thank you so much for your comment to Jun. And we'll be coming downtown and take you out to lunch when he comes to visit.

  11. Thank you Jessica! He will reach his dreams.

  12. Aisling, Thank you for such a heartfelt comment. You too will make your dreams come true. Never doubt the ability to achieve your dreams. You'll do it.

  13. Jun... keep flying strong and loving life. You'll fly far my friend.

  14. Jun, you are a role model for all who aspire to achieve their dreams! And I look forward to be on the first flight piloted by you!
    Karlene, thanks for sharing this very motivational article!
    Tricia Kato

  15. Congratulations, Jun. I'm sure we'll read another blog when you graduate from FlightSafety and start your first job as a professional pilot.

    Karlene, I love your heart for helping and encouraging others. If you ever have occasion to spend a few hours at DFW, I whish you'd let me know ahead of time. I'd love to meet you for coffee or a meal.

  16. Thank you Tricia for your comment and stopping by. It's so nice to meet young people who motivate us. Makes like fun.

  17. David, Thank you very much! Yes... I will certainly let you know. I'll be heading to Austin quite a bit in the future, and one day I may have to take a divert to DFW and we can meet for lunch.

    Thank you so much for the nice comment and congratulations to Jun.

  18. Question for Jun. Did you recently purchase a Bad Elf GPS? How do you like it? Can you recommend it?

  19. Interesting.. Thanks for information!


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