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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Without Precedent!

The Amazing Owen Zupp

Owen is converting back to the 747. He managed to be the first civilian to fly our air force's new PC-21. But more than that, he is writing too! Okay... newest book is being honored as the Australian Amazon website has selected Without Precedent for a one-day promotion today! 

They are selling the eBook 
for only $1.49 
for 24 hours!
A great coverage for Owen't dad's story. 

Starting on the U.S. West Coast at 0600!

"Without Precedent' is the military biography of army commando and fighter pilot, Phillip Zupp. One man who served in two very different wars. During World War Two, he saw combat on the ground in the Pacific before patrolling Hiroshima and Tokyo at the war's end. In Korea, Phillip flew 201 combat sorties amid intense ground fire and the ever-threatening MiG fighters. Peace brought an aviation career that spanned the globe and the skies above it. All the while, aviation history had overlooked this intriguing story of the search for a downed airman, a damaged jet and the first Australian Purple Heart. Until now."

to get your download for 
only $1.49!

Then Checkout all his books
At OwenZupp.Com

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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