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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Time To Take Flight!

Inspiring Children Aviation Style! 

Once upon a time, family entertainment included visiting the airport and watching airplanes fly. Children were captivated by the imagination of flight. Today our children are playing video games and general aviation airports are not the family friendly places they once were. 

We are facing a pilot shortage 

Giving Free Flights 
to inspire our children helps... 

But it's not enough!

To grow our future generation of aviators and engineers we need to inspire them and spark their imagination early. My daughter, Kayla, has been building the Children's Museum of Central Oregon (CMCO).

CMCO is a place for children to create, explore and investigate their world through immersive hands on experiences, and as a resource for families of all types to grow and learn together. CMCO needs our help to bring an aviation exhibit to life. 

Help bring life to an exhibit 
on Flight and Physics! 

Help to inspire the next generation of aviation experts, and share your love of flight. This exhibit is composed of hands-on experiments designed to teach the basic principles of engineering and flight. This exhibit could reach over 5,000 kiddos from rural communities, which would be awesome!  CMCO is also a non-profit 501c3 and all cash donations are tax deductible for US Citizens.
The Gift of Gratitude Continues! 

I'm sponsoring the Flight and Physics program at CMCO, with your help. Wait until you see what you can get by giving the gift of Inspiring Flight and Physics: 

will get you a free Ebook
of my first Aviation Thriller!

will get you an autographed copy 
of The ABC of being me!

Will get you an autographed copy 
of a First Edition of the newest book! 

This children's book (late elementary) is written to inspire flight, with life lessons woven within the pages. However, Jungle Air is also a comedy for adults, where monkey pilots are trained to push buttons and paid with bananas. While Jungle Air is based on a true story, the animals have been changed to protect the guilty. Be the first to get your copy of this collectors edition!

(ETA January 1, 2018) 

Will enable you to schedule me
to speak at your meeting, conference, 
luncheon, or book club! 

(Flexibility with my schedule is appreciated) 

Click on: 

And Choose your Gift
and Make your donation. 

You can also donate direct any amount 
with the following link:

While the goal for the flight and physics program is $10,000, CMCO needs $30,000 to take the museum to the next level of success. Your generosity is much appreciated!

Happy Thanksgiving
To you and Your Family!

Thank you for your generosity!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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