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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Photograph Your Flight To Success!

The Gift of Flight Keeps on Giving! 

Al Hurt

A huge thank you to Al Hurt

Al spent his day capturing the moments of flight... 
the gift that keeps on giving.

Last week Al Hurt wrote to me and shared the link to his photography website so I could view the photos he took of our flying event. Al is obviously a talented photographer, as these photos that were taken though a fence turned out amazing. He was taking pictures because he granddaughter flew with us on the 23rd, and he created a portfolio for Auburn Mountianview High School, with over 700 photos.

September 23rd and 24th we gave girls Free Flights! And, each girl who came back with the declaration "I want to be a pilot" I gave them an autographed copy of:

Thus we created Two Cases of Female Pilots!
If you haven't seen the photos check out
the link above. 

To check out Al Hurt's work, go to: 

To Learn how to get your free copy of

Check back tomorrow! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. Future ASTRONAUTS, maybe... :) They look like they enjoyed the experience. Chuck Yeager "upchucked" on his first flight! :)

    1. Dan, They had such a wonderful time!!! Way too much fun. And so much excitement after a first flight.


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