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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Free Flight To Success

Be The Captain of Your Life! 

Who says nothing in life is Free?

"I'm going to be a pilot!" 

September 23rd and 24th, we gave every young lady who said, "I'm going to be a pilot" after her flight, an autographed copy of Flight to Success be the Captain of Your Life, compliments of Jet Star Publishing. We did this to help guide our future flyers into the sky. To motivate, inspire, and hopefully give some tips on the journey we call life. We gifted two cases full! Meaning sixty new lady pilots will be joining us in the sky. A few engineers and an astronaut too!

Is for anyone who wants to be 
the captain of their life! 
(Not just for pilots)

Gift of Gratitude

In heartfelt thanks for everyone who has supported my efforts in my Ph.D. research by filling out and sharing my Survey, for all those who join our flying events and donate your time by flying or helping on the ground each year, for all of you who have supported my novels by reading and commenting, for everyone who takes your time to help another person, be it a kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a helping hand, a pat on the back, or a smile... this is for you!


Many of you know that I am currently in Bend with my middle daughter to help her after a serious spine surgery. While this was an incredibly challenging surgery, it was a success! And it's time to heal. But what you may not know is Dr. Kayla Wopschall is my cover illustrator, managing director of Jet Star Publishing, and illustrates the children's books too. She is also building the Non-Profit Children's Museum of Oregon.

I cannot thank everyone who has reached out and sent prayers and messages of support during this frightening time. We will be shouting more about the Children's Museum soon, as there will be some fun giveaways for supporting the museum that you will not want to miss.

Thanksgiving is next week, 
but there is no time like the present 
to feel gratitude! 

Flight To Success 
on Kindle:

From November 16th - 20th 
Click Here 

For your Free Kindle version of Flight to Success, 
click on the link above that says
"Click Here" or you can click on the link below
with the title of the book: 

Flight to Success be the Captain of Your Life

After you read it, 
please leave a comment on Amazon.
Comments are so much appreciated. 

Please share the link to the book 
with all your friends. 

This is a gift that keeps on giving! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. Dr. Kayla,

    Stay strong and powerful. Many thoughts, prayers, and good vibrations sent to you through the either.


  2. Karlene, I clicked on your daughter's name, & read the other post: she had surgery and was paralyzed - was the paralysis a complication of this surgery?
    I sometimes wonder why doctors sometimes say, "You'll never walk again." Couldn't they just say "The odds are against you, but - some have actually surprised everyone."

    1. Yes... and they didn't think she would walk back then. But she did. Her current event is common for spinal injuries that occurs about 10 years after a spinal injury, and was sending her back that other direction. However, 12 years later we got her fixed up again. All is good. Something to watch. As soon as she heals, she'll be running marathons again.

  3. Karlene, you and your family amaze me with your constant, positive approach to life. If only more people were like you. Stay strong,
    much love
    Jerry XX

    1. Jerry, Thank you so much!!! Staying strong... no matter how strong the headwinds! :)


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