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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pilots and Gratitude

Pilots are Plane People Giving Back...

National Aviation Month and Thanksgiving both occurring in November has not gone unnoticed among the pilot community. There are many pilots writing, volunteering and giving of themselves to help others, when they could just kick back and enjoy the rewards of their labor....

This month our Blogging In Formation Team (BIF) 
 is about the gift of giving.

Ron Rapp and his wife give to the Hoag Hospital Foundation. When his wife needed emergency surgery, times were tough, and insurance that didn't pay much... the Hoag Hospital covered the bill. Ron also flew for Angel Flight when he had an appropriate plane. He continues to flight instruct to give back to the community that he is so proud of, and provides free instruction to other certified flight instructors.

Ron's favorite Angel Flight Passenger: Ashley

Leland (Chip) Shanle, "The allure of aviation seems lost in the last couple of decades. I wanted to show through: books, film and TV what an awe inspiring experience aviation can be."

Chip has accomplished this goal through his books, Project Seven Alpha, Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal, and ENDGAME in the Pacific-, and through his consulting as a military/aviation technical adviser for the movie industry with projects to include Pearl Harbor, Behind Enemy Lines, xXx, The Day After Tomorrow and Stealth

Mark L. Berry  has given back through his music, his writing and continued support of aviation authors. But more than that, Mark brought to market a heart-wrenching story of survival after his fiance fell to her death when  TWA 800 blew up. His courage to relive this story and share it with the world has not gone unnoticed. His words can help heal the worst possible of tragic events.

Brent Owens gives back to the industry, not only by flight instructing, but also by trying to make this career cost effective.  He took his time and ingenuity and wrote the book The Pilot's Guide to Flying on a Budget. 

Rob Burgon Is an Air Force pilot, who gives back to our country daily. His passion for aviation is like none other, and his company Tally One has grown from that passion. He is an inspiration to all and his shirts are pretty cool too. If you want to visit a world that very few live, you can because Rob takes the time to share it.

Andrew Hartley is a Certified Flight Instructor sharing his passion daily. He's an active supporter of the industry, and Andrew's Smart Flight Training podcasts are FREE on itunes.  


Karlene Petitt,  I have a passion for supporting people who want to make their dreams come true. A passion for aviation safety. A passion for education. A passion of gratitude. I donate time daily, but there are other times I dig into my wallet. I attend auctions often, and love to donate books, photos, and my time. I'm also one to bid. After listening to the stories of the children in Sierra Leone, Africa, I donated to the Bridge Of Hope to pay for a teacher to help educate these children for the next four years. Through education we can create change. If you would like to become an advocate click HERE...pretty clever ideas how simply we can all help with just our time.

Each year you'll find me hosting flying events. But it's the pilots that make this a reality. Without pilot support and dedication, sharing the love of flight could not be possible. You too can fly it forward!  
Mark Berney is one such pilot but donating his time to fly foster kids.

Flight to Success is coming soon ... 2014. I plan on sharing success tips that anyone can use to achieve their dreams. Helping people reach their potential is something the world craves.

The aviation grand finale is I have committed to dedicate 10 years of my life, and a whole lot of money to ERAU, to write three Aviation Thrillers, Flight For Control, Flight For Safety and Flight For Survival (coming soon), and earn a PhD in Aviation with a focus on safety to fulfill My One Wish For Aviation...  This commitment is a team effort, so your time, support, and interest is so much appreciated! 

Cap'n Aux (Eric Auxier)

Last, but definitely not least.... 

November's giving back month, and BIF,  was to honor Cap'n Aux dedication to supporting charities through his writing. 

50 percent of the proceeds from book sales go to and!  

Code Name Dodger Mission 2 is his recent young adult novel, that even those older adults will love.

Cap'n Aux's post:

Speaks volumes on support, power of giving back, inspiration and gratitude. 
The stories he shares, the videos, an inspiration are amazing.
Without you, the wind beneath our wings, 
we would not be effective.  

From the BIF Team
To our supporters
We give our gratitude to you! 

Enjoy the journey!
XOX Karlene
Your comments are much appreciated!

YouBlogging in Formation (BIF) started off a week of gratitude. I'm believing that pilots are plane people who give back. - See more at:
Blogging in Formation (BIF) started off a week of gratitude. I'm believing that pilots are plane people who give back. - See more at:

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