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Friday, November 14, 2014

Christina Nitschmann

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Christina Nitschmann

Christina's passion for flight actually started with a dare. For many years she had an intense fear of flying. One day a friend challenged her to take a discovery flight, and bet she couldn’t do it. Well that’s all she had to hear, it was on! She immediately signed up for discovery flight and has been hooked ever since. 

While she’s not yet completed her training, with constant stops and starts due to life getting in the way. She flies regularly with her partner Bryan who is a commercially rated pilot. Christina’s and Bryan's personal flying goal is to fly all 50 states. They’ve completed 31 states so far and have just 19 to go. I'm looking forward when they get to mine.

Christina is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and host of the very popular business radio show: Savvy Central Radio!

Today, Christina's passion and purpose is helping entrepreneurs get their message out to the world. As a host Christina has the unique ability to connect with each guest at a emotional level that sets Savvy apart from other broadcasts.. Savvy was started in April 2012 primarily as a marketing tool for her first business, a financial consulting business. However with a short time Savvy quickly snowballed into an amazing new entity, a platform supporting individuals and small-business owners in sharing their expertise, knowledge, tips, and stories with the world.

Savvy Central Radio is now host to over 80,000 listeners around the globe and growing. Besides her show and business, Savvy central Radio, Christina's other passions are dogs, coffee. mega-walks and all things airplanes.

This November marks Savvy Central Radio 3rd annual "Aviation Month"; featuring 8 aviation business, as they share their tips, passion, and knowledge about aviation and business. They've hosted such notable guests as: Patty Wagstaff, Rod Machado, Dave Pascoe of LiveATC, Karlene Petitt, Mike Gillian and many others.

Savvy can be heard on: iHeart Radio, AMFM247, 
BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, and Sticher.

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Karlene and Christina's discussion

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"Aviation Month"
Nov. 14th at 8pm ET...
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1 comment:

  1. Great story and photos! :) Christina is an awesome gal, flying-buddy, and friend.

    Her passion for business and helping entrepreneurs soar to excellence with Savvy is real; I've witnessed it personally. She's a natural when it comes to connecting with people. She loves it and it shows.

    This is my 3rd time listening to you on the broadcast, Karlene. It's great hearing you and Christina discuss critical issues and solutions to aviation-safety on the air.

    Continued success to you Karlene on your mission in revolutionizing flight-safety!

    Congrats, Christina... on making it to KP's Friday's Fabulous Flyer!


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