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Friday, November 7, 2014

Ney Grant

Inspiration. Flying. Epic Adventures!

Ney Grant

Ney has the best of all worlds. He has a real job and flies for the adventure of it all. Ney works with business owners in assisting them to prepare, market and sell their businesses. But it's not all work...
"I'm fortunate, for a pilot, that I can use my plane for business to visit clients around the west coast.... Sometimes I stop along the way for an adventure." 

Ney owns a Cessna 210, a six seat single engine plane and has over 2,700 hours flying it on adventures. He wrote a book, Fifty Classic Destinations For Pilots, but I want to say this is not just any book. This book is filled with photos of glorious destinations and adventures; 179 pages of full color photos and detailed explanations of adventures you will want to try for yourself.

How do I know NEY? He contacted me to use one of my photos on arrival into San Diego. Okay... other than mine, all the destinations were done in his 210. While some of the destinations were on unpaved surfaces, no airstrip was shorter than 2,000 feet. Except for one... the 1,300 foot “Chicken Strip” in Death Valley.  Ney admits in the book that it scared him and he will not do that again!

A few of the adventures he's been were volunteer flights. He flies for the Mother Lode chapter of the Flying Samaritans, and in the book he detailed one of those flights to a clinic, run by the Baja California chapter. Ney has also flown volunteer work missions to the Navajo reservation in Arizona, and a mission with an organization called LightHawk to count wild horses in Nevada. 
Ney's adventures are many...

Classic adventures like flying to Shelter Cove on the California coast, then hiking to the famous black sand beach. Or flying to see the Grand Canyon’s scenic wonder, the popular south rim. There are lesser known adventures such as flying into Cliff Dweller’s airstrip at the edge of the Grand Canyon National Park. From the airstrip you can step into a six inch drainage ditch and follow it as it morphs into a major side canyon, Soap Creek Wash. He says, "It's likely you’ll have the canyon to yourself for this amazing day hike down to the Colorado River and back." 


Fry Canyon, Utah is another lesser known destination and is a aviator’s adventure wonderland. Fry Canyon is an old uranium mine airstrip, and from the 2,400 foot dirt airstrip you can hike and swim down a slot canyon, visit Anasazi ruins, or ride a bike to Natural Bridges National Monument.

Some of the adventures are easy such as flight-seeing above the San Juan Islands in Washington, a romantic getaway in Sedona Arizona, or a photography expedition to Mono Lake in California. Others are more difficult such as hiking to the top of remote Notch Peak in Utah to stand at the edge of the second highest cliff in North America after El Capitan in Yosemite. 

Ney takes you north to Montana to land at the wilderness airstrip at Schafer Meadows for backpacking, and south to land on a crushed sea shell runway at Laguna San Iqnacio in Baja California where boats await to take you out to pet the whales. 

Why Ney wrote this book: 

"For years I thought my adventures were “too far out there” for most pilots to enjoy, but the turning point was when I published a flying adventure on my blog The adventure was flying out to remote Utah and hiking to the top of Notch Peak (the second highest cliff in North America). 
 Someone commented and complained that I didn’t include enough information to complete the trip. They wanted to fly out, and do the same adventure! Someone cared. So based on the comments and emails over the years from my blog, I decided pilots would enjoy the journey I’ve been on to experience the western US by airplane."

"An inspirational guide to 
the ultimate adventure destinations 
for aviators" 

Fifty Classic Destinations For Pilots is available at  

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If you don't know what to get that special aviator in your life this holiday season... this is the book that will keep on giving!  And pilots... you might be able to entice that special someone into embarking on an adventure with you, they may not have otherwise gone on, after reading Fifty Classic Destinations For Pilots.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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  1. What a life! Nothing can be better than having an opportunity to use plane instead of car! I wished I would do that in Europe. But usualy one spends time wondering about weather or sunset :-)


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