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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Girls Fly!

Thanks To Pilots & Ground Support... 

Sharing the Love of Aviation

Sunday we flew 99 Girls 
at The Seattle Museum of Flight
At Boeing Field!

This event would not be possible without the hard work of Stacy and Megumi organizing and coordinating and participating on the day of the event. These ladies worked  all day, with non-stop action, seeing to it that each young lady registered could take a flight. 

Megumi, Stacy, and Christy


A huge thanks to my friend Christy for working non-stop all day on the ramp. The logistics of loading the girls onto the planes, keeping track of dispatch and managing the gate... she was awesome! 

Thanks to Dan who joins us each year, supporting the crew and sharing the love of aviation on behalf of Embry-Riddle, and who kept everyone organized on the other side of the gate. 

Dan Hammes

Thanks to Jim for giving up his round-ball game to help on the ramp. Next year he'll be flying too! 

Jim Riley 

Then we have to thank the pilots! 

An Amazing group, who gave 
their time and shared their love of aviation!

Linda Chism

John Clift

Karl Seuring

 Adam Hester

Jason Watt

Peter Morton

 Steve Taylor

Richard Edgerton

Josh Weinstein

David Chuljian

We had a little fun for the kiddos who were too little to fly. But they were awesome! 

We gifted 54 books...
to all those future lady pilots!

To Find the Photos
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Enjoy the Journey!
OX Karlene 

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