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Friday, September 7, 2018

Aviation Video Production

Friday's Fabulous Flyer! 

Ben Lovegrove

Ben learned to fly back in the 1980s and earned his pilots license in 1991.  In 2015 he became involved in unmanned aviation too.  So now he creates marketing videos for aviation businesses both manned and unmanned aircraft. 

If you need help with an aviation video, check out his business homepage at, or take a look at his work on his YouTube channel.

Ben has a variety of clients to include flying schools, airline training companies, and airship designers. A typical testimonial:

 "I reached out to Ben to create a short YouTube commercial for our flight school, and I’m very happy with my decision. The result has exceeded our expectations. The job was done on a high level and in a very short amount of time. Ben is a professional, and it's a pleasure doing business with him."

Alexander Souponetsky, 
Chief Operating Officer, 
Legacy Aviation, Philadelphia.

I just returned from Sydney and I'm busy finishing my dissertation. Tomorrow is ERAU graduation in Seattle, and while I won't be graduating with them... I will be speaking. And Sunday if our First Time Flyers event where we will be giving girls free flights to share our love of flight! We have a busy weekend ahead. While today's Friday Flyer is short but sweet, we'll be seeing another post soon about Ben Lovegrove and some great opportunities. 

Have a Great Weekend!
Enjoy the Journey~ 
XO Karlene 

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