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Friday, March 2, 2018

Jet Racer Flyer

The Rookie... 


Vinnie Giaconia is the 24-year-old rookie pilot with the NJRA. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, but moved to Central Washington for a change of pace before he joined the NJRA. Vinnie’s fascination with aviation came naturally due to his avid interest in science and technology. Growing up on the East Coast, he became used to sleeping through thunderstorms. 

Because Vinnie's racing career is still somewhat new, he has less of a fan following than Jay or Max. Despite being a rookie, Vinnie has a natural talent for jet racing, all he needs to do is place in Nationals, and he might just get a spot in the World Series... we are all hoping he can pull this off!

Vinnie has an easy going and friendly personality, thus tends to avoid conflict whenever possible. He is fun-loving and has a sense of humor, laughing at jokes whenever the opportunity arises. During his free time, he primarily enjoys reading, particularly about aviation, listening to music, and watching science documentaries on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. 

He shares a similar taste in music with Jay and often enjoys hanging out and listening to music in Jay’s dorm. Aside from a shared taste in music, Vinnie and Jay have become good friends. Having grown up in an Italian-American family, Vinnie’s favorite food is pasta of any kind, though he most likely won’t turn down steak.

Is another character in Jet Racer!
Played by: Ryan Malgarini

Coming soon!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. He was one of the most fun characters to write about, because of how humble he is, despite his success, and how he's a generally cheerful guy that seems like the kind of person most people who would be happy to hang out or go out for coffee with.

    1. I can hardly wait for the book to be released... and the movie will be great too!


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