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Thursday, March 22, 2018

ATC & Aviation Safety

Helping to Make a Better System!

My friend, Prashant Kulshreshtha, is working on bettering communications between pilots and Air Traffic Control. He has a 2-minute survey. I took it, and was the easies thing I did all day. Perhaps the most important too. 

"On a busy airport, Pilots and ATC communicate on VHF Radio telephony only for seconds. Even in this short span of time, both are life crucial for each other. Mostly, both pilots and ATCs are unaware of each other’s pressure, procedures and limitations in detail. Hence this gap in the understanding may lead to unnecessary arguments, RT congestion, increase in stress and compromise with air safety. Human factors issues related to interpersonal communication have been implicated in approximately more than 70% of all accidents. Therefore, pilots and controllers should interact socially and professionally on regular intervals to develop bonding between each other. This will improve the work environment and performance level of both pilots and ATCs. Kindly share your opinion by filling a short survey. Your experience is really important for the fraternity"

To Learn More about what Prashant is doing,

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