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Friday, March 9, 2018

Another Jet Racer

Flying Strong... 


Andrew Mayer is a 26-year-old race pilot with the NJRA. He has been with the NJRA for six years. Originally from Boston, Andrew trained and raced with the New England Jet Racing League for most of his NJRA career before applying and switching to the Central City League partway through the race season. We're not really sure why Andrew left, but he tells one of his teammates that he left the New England League due to “too much drama, and being sick of people over there.”
Being a former air cadet and the son of retired NJRA race pilot, Gregory Mayer, Andrew has a high level of confidence in his flying ability. Having spent his entire life around aviation, it only seemed natural to follow in his father’s footsteps. 
Andrew has a cocky personality and is easily annoyed, particularly from being asked too many questions. Andrew tends to look down on, and have little sympathy for, those he sees as lesser--- particularly rookies. After the disaster at the in Nationals, Andrew becomes a "person of interest", particularly with accusations around sabotaging Julianne’s plane. Andrew becomes what some call a despicable figure as a result of the accusations. Vandals even attacked his family’s home in Boston. Andrew’s mother, Kelly Mayer, aggressively defends her son on a national news interview.

In the sky, Andrew is quite fond of aerobatics, having won first place in an NJRA aerobatics competition. He has also flown in previous Nationals, but did not make it into the top three, leaving him without a spot in the World Series. 
Andrew is another character in the novel
Jet Racer

The photo above is of Andrew Mayer, 
The actor who should play Andrew when 
This novel becomes a movie. 

Coming Soon!
Enjoy the Journey
XO Karlene 

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