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Friday, February 16, 2018

Another Jet Racer....

Friday's Fabulous Flyer


Max Erikson is a 34 year old race pilot for the NJRA. He has been with the NJRA team for five years. Based out of Central City Jet Racing League, Max has lived most of his life in Washington State. Prior to joining the NJRA, he was a bassist in a rock band and has toured all over America. Max had been married to a woman named Francine Ryan, but they divorced after their relationship fell apart. 

Max and Francine have an 11-year-old daughter named Isabelle “Izzy” Erikson, who lives with Francine. Max also has a 13-year-old son named Morgan who came into his life after a one night stand, before he met Francine. Max has been absent for most of Morgan’s life.

Similar to Jay's story, Max decided to join the NJRA after coming across a training camp recruitment ad. At 6’6 tall, Max exceeds the NJRA’s regulation height limit, but has been allowed to fly but must obtain a waiver each year.

His talent for flying combined with his competitive personality quickly gained him popularity and celebrity-like status among fans. Max is known to be a womanizer and has been described by others as being horny and hot headed. He loves hard rock and his favorite musician is Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Max idolizes Bruce, but at the same time also resents him for his success. While generally emotionally reserved around others, Max becomes teary-eyed every time he goes on video chat with his daughter. He has a heart. 

In the air, Max does not practice aerobatics, but enjoys doing barrel rolls from time to time. He is highly respected as a successful racer, having won the 2024 Nationals and flown in the World Series. He has also been known for getting into pit fights with other racers as a result of his hair-trigger temper, but gets away with it because pit fights in the NJRA are considered part of the sport like fights in hockey or pit fights in NASCAR.

Is another character in Jet Racer!


Jared Padalecki Is not really Max, 
but would be the perfect character in the movie!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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