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Monday, July 10, 2017

Eastern Airlines Kitchen Table

It's all about communication! 

Eastern Airlines 
The Journey Continues...

EAL Live Radio Show, 
Episode 326,
Monday, July 10, 2017

But first...

"A 747 that has been parked at Quonset State Airport in Rhode Island for a couple of years now is being transformed into a replica of Air Force One..."

"A photograph appearing in a new documentary is being touted as possible proof that famed American aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, may have survived the crash landing of their final flight more than 80 years ago."

"Panicked passengers on an American Airlines widebody aircraft inChicago last October demanded to evacuate as a massive fire engulfed the right wing, and were blasted by exhaust from an engine that pilots hadn’t shut down...."

"Embraer SA’s E190 aircraft is flown by airlines around the world, but has struggled to find much of a home in North America. Now the largest U.S. operator of the plane may walk away, casting doubts on whether the next version of the jet can succeed in the market..."

ALL This and MORE! 

Women Controllers during WWII. 
Who was the first?

The topic tonight is communication. Communication can be a challenge under normal circumstance, but flying globally can make the challenges all the worse. Join the discussion, and share your experience and learn how it was way back when. 

We depart from the gate on Monday evening, 
July 10, 2017 
at 7:00 P.M. EDT 

Call into the show at 

Captain Neal Holland  ♦ Jim Hart 
*Captain Steve Thompson *Chuck Allbright Linda Fuller

*Captain George Jehn*Dorothy Gagnon*Don Gagnon
Will be your hosts!

with your stories or listen in by going to our Home Page on the EAL Radio Show website, and follow the directions, or you can go to listen into Episode 326.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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