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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Your Time To Fly!

In Puyallup Washington...

Pilot Jobs and More! 
February 20th
 and the


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Attention: Aviation enthusiasts!  

There will be professionals from Alaska Airlines at career day! Rumor has it, 400 people were hired via the career day/trade show last year.  I'm thinking you want to join us this weekend. You will have a chance to ask questions, meet pilot hiring, and learn what it takes to get a job. Even if you don't want to be a pilot there is something for everyone!

I am also the key note speaker for career day. What will I say? Who knows. How many people will be there? Well... let's push for a 1000 to really put me on the edge. When you read Flight To Success, you'll see that I am afraid of speaking in front of people. How can I do it filled with fear? Ah... you'll have to read the book. This and more secrets will prevail.

AVGEEKS are joining us for the weekend too!!!

Just in time, my shipment of 500 books arrived for the weekend! These books have many aviation stories embedded within the pages, and many more stories bringing them to market. Last minute editing prevailed that will be a plot point in Darby's 3rd book, Flight For Survival. I cannot make this stuff up... inspiration comes in the most unique ways.

We also noticed a missing C on the binding. My friend at Embry-Riddle stated, "There are no C's in success for Doctors." (If we get a C we are out of the program). It's good to laugh during the challenges. Thus, I paid a lot of money to get them here in time, a rush/rush 4 day order. However, a shipper's delay to "hacking" fear, followed by East Coast weather pushed that to 8 days. 

The delivery driver knocked the stack over in his truck and broke open boxes, as he blocked our street when "4" neighbors were trying to get out last night. Timing is priceless. But with all that...we had one day to spare and my neighbors all know that the books have arrived, and there was minimal damage.

Last night I autographed 26 books, to those who pre-ordered and for those whom I wanted to thank in the process for all their help. I also mailed a couple to young aviation enthusiasts and to the BIF Team. Oh...and the first shipment is going international: Brazil! Canada! and Guam! (Guam might be a US territory, but to get there this book will do so via Tokyo... so we are calling this part of the great journey... International!)

Join me at a great aviation weekend and get your copy!

Check out the 

Feb 21-22

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


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