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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Two Year Old Flies

When I was interviewed at America West Airlines for a simulator instructor job they asked if I had any teaching experience. I said, "No. But I have two Newfoundlands and three children. If I can teach children and animals, I should have no problem with pilots." 

The pilots interviewing me laughed, and I had an instructing job. Since then, I have flown with a pilot or two that might have represented a two-year-old. But today, this two-year-old makes history. 

For the love of flying...

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  1. Looking forward to another great read!

    And the video with about born to be a pilot! So adorable! LOL

  2. OMG! That kid is adorable! Way to go young lady!

  3. Karlene, a truly amazing video! Also, love the story with the interview at America West. Reminds me of the photo you sent me. One year old and dog training.

    As of a couple of hours ago, pre-ordered my copy of "Flight To Success!" Can't wait to read it!

    A lot of exciting things coming our way....


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