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Friday, August 1, 2014

Sea & Sand from the Sky

As Portrayed by Margot Cheel

Margot Cheel

Margo, an award-winning photographer, private pilot and arts educator, is an amazing woman who continues to give back to our profession. She inspires many, and has dedicated her life to sharing the beauty of what we pilots see daily (and sometimes forget to appreciate) to those land lovers. How did this all come about?

“I came to aerial photography at a time when I was seeking a new turn and view of the world. The perspective from above was exhilarating. After thirty years my art and travel background found a new focus.” 

It's amazing how we can take a passion and turn it into a business. Didn't someone say, "Do what you love and the money will follow?" The point is... money or not, we must have a passion for our work. Margot certainly does. 

Her photography not only offers unique views of property & locations, but helps realtors sell homes, towns attract tourism and conservation groups promote preservation. Her bragging rights are many, but I can't help but brag about her.

Margot is an arts graduate of Middlebury College, founder of Twin Willows Craft Center (Ottawa, Canada), a licensed Private Pilot, and Eastern New England Chapter Chairman of The Ninety-Nines - the International Women Pilots Organization founded by Amelia Earhart. She is a member and past President of the New England Chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). Margot is one of our leading ladies of aviation.

Not only has she been chosen for juried exhibitions in New England and South Florida. Her photography has appeared in numerous publications, calendars and environmental presentations. She is the cover photographer and contributor to the “Narrative History of Cohasset, 1950-2000”, published in 2002, Treasury of Cohasset History 2005” and ‘Savor of Salt” 2006. 

Oh... and her recent Fine Art Aerial Photography book, “Sea & Sand from the Sky 2012, has been endorsed by astronaut to artist.

"Sea & Sand from the Sky: Aerial Photography" by Margot Cheel. It's a hardcover full-color coffee table book with aerial views of Cape Cod and coastal Massachusetts. Accompanying the photos are quotes from aviators.

"Pilot and photographer Margot Cheel takes you on a journey over sand and sea, river and shorelines to glimpse nature's patterns, seldom seen. Experience the earth's beauty, power and fragility with a perspective from above. From the quotations alongside the photos, take in the inspiration of aviators and air travelers who find special meaning in the adventure of fight."

When I asked Margot where this book came from, she said, "Basically, this book came about because of my love for flight and the beauty of the earth below - wanting to capture it for memories, history and environmental concerns."

Several months ago she was on a Boston TV show featuring her aerial photography, her book, and flying. To view a 3 minute clip of her show on Up in the Air, click HERE. The show was about the many different ways people took to the air. 

Why did you take to the air?

Margot sent me a copy of her book and what an amazing assortment of photos. More than that she's included inspiring aviation quotes and sayings, and added a visual reference at the end displaying where each photo was taken. I am honored to have this book on my coffee table. The gift that keeps on giving.

You can find Margot's book on her website or through Amazon. I know you will love it as much as I do. This is seriously the most beautiful gift.

Enjoy the Journey! And remember to appreciate the view from above.
XO Karlene


  1. Nice post but a lot of the photographs are not showing! Not sure why, but you should check it out. I was reading on Google Chrome.

    1. Were you reading on an ipad? I can see them all. Okay... my suggestion is to "buy the book" ...then you can see them all.
      Thank you so much for the comment and you really will love this book.

  2. I love this post Karlene. Margot truly takes the wings of a plane and paints the sky with her beautiful work. I will definitely invest in her book. But first, I have some "mind" reading to do. Starting that book tonight ;)


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