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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oshkosh Day 2

Today I'm on a flight back to Seattle. Sad to leave the party behind as it was just getting started. So much fun it was. Next year I won't fail bidding so I can stay longer.

For now... enjoy the photos of friends, fun, and planes! More on OSH to come soon!

Steve and Linda! 

Sean D Tucker... below is the man and his incredible flying skills. 

I found the Ninja Pilot!

A great discussion on how to increase the pilot population!

 Two days of fun 
and now it's time to fly home. 

Tomorrow: Paris 

XO Karlene 


  1. Sorry I missed you there. I'm heading for KOSH today for the last weekend... :)

    1. Have a GREAT time!!! Wish I could see you there too! Next year. We'll plot better.

  2. I wanna go! Maybe next year.

    1. You should!!! I'm trying for the full week next year.

  3. Looks like you had great fun! I can't wait to go next year for the first time!


    1. Super fun! And next year we will meet... if not before!


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