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Friday, July 18, 2014

Find Laughter Today...

With Planes Fire and Rescue! 

OPENING Day is Today! 

I loved this movie and you will too. And I suspect the  kids will love it more than Dusty's first adventure, which was awesome! 

It's a shame that Dusty's opening day is the day after an airliner was shot out of the sky. But perhaps the timing is a blessing in disguise. To remind us that bad things are going to happen, but there is still laughter and joy in the world. That we can find it. We must find it. 

Join me today in doing something fun and celebrate the love of aviation, the passion of flight, the heroes in the world, and remember to laugh. It won't undo what has happened, but it will make the pain a little less, if just for an hour or so. 

Life is a gift. 
Enjoy it for all it's worth.   

Choose to be happy no matter what. 
Live each moment with passion.


  1. Karlene,
    Thank you for posting about this opening today. It's been lost in the noise of the MH crash like you said. Also, on my blog, it's been lost in the noise of my book release which is today as well! (It's dedicated to the memory of my brother in law Brian, who's birthday it was today--hence the timing.)

    Planes: Fire & Rescue is a wonderful movie that will be sure to entertain avgeeks and kids of all ages--don't miss it!

  2. I'll see "Planes" shortly after I return from seeing planes (the non CGI type) in Oshkosh.

    Did I say... 3Deee?!


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