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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oshbash: 2014 Oshkosh must!

What is an Oshbash

"Oshbash is the official social networking "meetup" event of the Airplanista Aviation Blog and writer Dan Pimentel. This is the AirVenture event where #avgeeks from Twitter and the online aviation family meet each other in person, many for the first time. Both previous Oshbash events in 2011 and 2013 filled the Press Tent with "standing room only" audiences.

At Oshbash 2014, Airplanista is hosting a high-profile Panel Discussion that will bring some of the aviation industry's most influential people together in one room. The only agenda will be to spark a transparent conversation as one body, one voice to discuss how we get to one million certificated pilots."

You are invited!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 5:30 - 7:30pm
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Media Press Tent

Free admission to EAA AirVenture attendees
No RSVP • Seating will be limited.

I'm Going to Be There!

For all the wonderful Avgeeks I know on Twitter, 
It's time we meet! 

that I will be autographing! 

YOU can be a winner
as we all support General Aviation!

Will you be there?
I hope to see you! 

If you have a booth, or plans, let me know where I can find you. I'll be there two full days and want to say hello!

Today I'm flying Amsterdam to Seattle! Thank you for sharing this post!

Enjoy the Journey...
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

Confirmed Panel participants:

Frank Ayers Jr., Ed.D.
Chancellor, Prescott Campus
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Dick Knapinski
Senior Communications Advisor,
Experimental Aircraft Association

Dr. Peggy Chabrian
Women in Aviation International

Brittney Miculka
Director of Outreach,
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Dan Johnson
Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association

Martha Phillips
The Ninety Nines

Kathryn Fraser
Director of Safety & Outreach,
General Aviation Manufacturers Association

Dan Pimentel
Airplanista (Moderator


  1. Won't get to OSH until Aug 1st, so I'll miss it :(

    1. So sad I will miss you! I was planning on the second half of the week... but now I'm flying. Thankfully I was able to coordinate for a few days. Wish you could make this event!

  2. I wouldn't miss this for the world! This will be my first time at Oshkosh, and certainly plan to be at OSHBASH!!!

    1. Glad you will make it! You will have a blast and I'll see you at the event!

  3. Will you only be there on Tuesday? I get in Thursday and leave Sunday. :) Would love to see you!

    1. Yes!!! Come to Oshbash and we'll sit together! I have to leave Wed as I fly to Paris Thursday.


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