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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Power of Education

What can you learn today?
Ask yourself, and you will!

A love of learning will accelerate your level of success. This has nothing to do with having the most knowledge, getting the best grades or pinning a degree on the wall. Education has everything to do with pursuit of opening your mind to growth and expanding your synapses. We all have something to learn, and the lessons come in many forms.

Last week, Bob Clary, the Community Manager at Webucator, an online learning company, contacted me and asked what I thought was an element of success and if I would write a post about it. I'm in the process of writing a book on Success, Flight To Success, and learning happens to be chapter two.

While there are many aspects of success, one of those often overlooked is the power of education.  When we are willing to learn, there is nothing we can't accomplish. Webucator is all about teaching essential skills and finding ways to help people improve and become more successful. What can I say, when there is something to learn, I'm all over it. This week Webucator is focusing on Microsoft Word 2013

When you focus on learning as the goal of the education verses the degree, your mind shifts from the fear of making mistakes to one of acceptance because of what you can learn from them. You push yourself to a higher level than you thought you could achieve. You raise the bar higher, and look forward to the day you can jump over it. 

Learning is growth, and the day we stop learning is the day we begin the death process. Make learning a priority and you can accomplish anything. 

 From the photos, guess whose 
Birthday it was yesterday?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Blimey Guv!
    The old girl is still going strong.I'm 63 & she's been around all my life.She's well into her 80s now but her Mother,Queen Elizabeth,lived to over 100.So I reckon she'll be around a while longer.
    She surely must think sometimes,"Phillip,one's had enough of all this hoo-haa.I want to abdicate & go & live Tuscon or Fresno or some such place.Perhaps that nice Mr Obama will let us buy California or somewhere?"
    I somehow doubt it though!

    1. Lol... I doubt California will sell too. They are somewhat their own country. I was amazed at the party and inspired too. It was one of those events that you come across in life unexpectedly and your mouth drops open in awe. Thanks so much for the comment.


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