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Monday, June 9, 2014

Road or Runway?

“A mile of highway takes you a mile; 
a mile of runway takes you anywhere”

Need I say more?
I didn't make that up.... Marc Epner did. 
If you don't know Marc, you should.
Click HERE to read more. 

Do you know where this runway is?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. You know...

    I am tired right now. It's late night. Still have a brochure introduction to create and I'm 1 day delayed from schedule.

    I feel the secret is to have a good sleep, go to the gym, make a plan of what I am going to write, and then start painting like Van Eyck.

    No roads to me. Only if the vehicle has automatic transmission. Seriously, flying a plane is MUCH easier than driving a manual car.

    And going anywhere with just a mile of runway? I like this type of mindset. It expands the air making a balloon capable of flying.

    Until regulators starts implementing AGAIN unreasonable fragmented rules, adding more complexity and cost to an already uniquely dynamic industry. #AlexRevolted

    Un Pocco Maestoso, no?

    1. I'm liking your plan and on that tomorrow for myself. Sleep. Gym. Start my day. Un Pocco Maestoso?
      Thanks for the comment!


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