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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I Want "Aviation" For Christmas

Blogging in formation is at it again and this month our theme is...

"What I want 
under the Christmas Tree." 

This week we are supposed to write about something we want under the tree, aviation related. The problem I'm having with this is that I don't want anything under my tree except my grandchildren and the magic of Christmas.
This time of year is about giving, not getting
So what do I want that is Aviation related under my tree? Here you go...

I want Cecilie to win the drawing and get her Visa to come fly in the U.S. with me!
I want Alex to do incredible on his test, and get into the university to make all his dreams come true...he's worked so hard. 
I want Ryan to get a Visa so he can work wherever he wants, and find a perfect job. I want all his dreams to come true.
I want Jeremy to win the lottery so he can work less and fly more, and get his ratings and flight time. 
I want Daniel to get that interview!
I want Jun to find his place in the sky and always find joy.

I want Victoria and Mirelle to make Women of Aviation a huge success and change those numbers!
I want Natan, Swayne, Melissa, Aisling, Mima, Katja, Julia and all the aviation students to find the strength, courage and commitment to keep working hard to make their dreams come true and always fly safe. I would love to see your success under my tree.

I want Brent, Dan, Andrew, Ron and Eric, my Blogging in Formation Friends, to fulfill their dreams. May all your writing and flying endeavors be a huge success.

I want Syd Blue to get her funds and make her aviation movie!

I want Mark L Berry's memoir 13,760 Feet – to be a huge success. And for him to know I have not forgotten and as soon as I have a voice again, I'm recording. 

I want my friends at Aviation Universe to keep their dreams alive and have much success for the new year. 
I want Marc Medley to keep making music and sharing his love of reading, aviation and gifts to education. 
I want Zyola to have a Happy Birthday today...I wish she could have the pampered week that she deserves.
I want Christine to find all her aviation dreams wherever the wind blows and to have a Happy Birthday tomorrow!  
I want Amanda to keep beating that sky into submission and find her perfect hover job! 
I want  everyone to believe in themselves and make all their dreams come true. Aviation is a gift. Airplanes make you look up! There is something to be said for that. Keep your spirits and your plane up through the holidays.

Have a wonderful December... 
What do you want under your tree?
Happy Holidays!
XO Karlene   
"What I want under the Christmas Tree." 
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  1. That's an awesome wish list! That's the kind of generosity that makes this time of year so special. It's also very reflective of your selfless nature.
    Merry Christmas Karlene!


  2. Thanks for the mention Karlene! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and get to spend lots of time with your family.

    Under my "Christmas Tree" will be the hope that aviators like you, Brad, Eric, etc., will continue to inspire future pilots like myself through your writing and mentorship.

    This week marks the 1 year anniversary of my decision to become a pilot. One of the first people I had the privilege to talk with about this decision was you, and I'm so grateful for that.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. 1 Year??? How fast does time fly!! I would love to be under your tree. :) We're here for you always! Happy Holidays!

  3. What a great idea, to wish everybody else their wishes! Your wish is granted, Karlene.

    Happy Christmas season!


    1. Thanks Eric... to give is to receive! And maybe this means a type rating in your future. :)

  4. Lovely list of things!! What I want - Flight for Safety on my Kindle :) :)

    Happy Holidays and Blue Skies!!


    1. Lol!!! I want that too!!! Finished another edit last night! And... one more read. I think I have it!

  5. Loved your post, Karlene. I think my Christmas season officially started when I read it! You're right, the spirit of the season is based on giving rather than receiving. That's the best part of Christmas. Come to think of it, it's the best part of flying, too...

    1. Thank you so much Ron. Yes... the best part of the season is giving. And the best part of flying ... is flying it forward. I think Santa has the best job in the world!

  6. Well this is a wonderful Christmas list! And thank you for including me! I hope they all happen!

  7. I second this. I so want everyone to allow their dreams to come true too. It really gives this life experience wings.

    Your support is the true gift! You are important in so many lives. Thanks for your positivity and powerful creative force.
    xoxox, Syd

    1. Thank you Syd!!! And I'm going to donate too... I'm just a bit behind the power curve. But I know you will make this happen!

  8. Thank you Karlene, so much! You continue to inspire me every day, so I don't let go of my dreams. I wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas, and all the best in the new year. 2014 is going to be the best year yet!
    I also wish that all of your hopes and wishes come true Karlene. So many wonderful people looking to to extraordinary things. I hope they succeed!

    1. Thank you Cecilie! I hope everyone makes it all work and they do it with great joy! Yes... 2014 is going to be awesome!!!

  9. That's sweet!

    What I want under my tree: Your Ph.D achievement, your Captaincy upgrade and my University.

    I have to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for opening many doors in my mind; for giving me the support digitally and spiritually; because of these factors I gained more maturity in many aspects of my decisions.

    This year has been very different. I learned to put my feet on the ground than fantasy things of my future. Well, not that I used to fantasy, but I only can achieve some ambitions with more than I can think I do. Yes, this means HARD WORK. I have also learned when to give up. Sometimes we have to give up if our resources does not permit us to keep with plan "A". Plan "B" might get to the same point in a different path. But only a deadline can define that.

    It's been great. Next year will be a year full of virtues. A year where I will surprise myself with great results if I keep my pace. Oh... And a year with massive projects that I have been developing since my arrival from England.

    I'm very positive! Just not quite sure on Dad's, but we'll sort it through! ho ho ho!

    Lots of love,

    1. Alex, THANK YOU Soooo MUCH!!! I hope you get your wish. Tis the season.... and father Christmas might surprise you. Many hugs!!!

  10. Karlene, thank you so much for the mention! I have so many Holiday wishes to give back to you... so many that they will not fit into this response...


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