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Friday, December 14, 2012

Don Brosnan

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Don Brosnan

You might say it’s possible to find Angels in the most unusual places during the holidays. This one I found flying Seattle/Amsterdam.

Don Brosnan started as a Flight Attendant for Hughes Airwest in 1977. He’s been through the mergers with the best of them, but nothing cuts his spirit and generosity. Each day he is filled with gratitude for the abundance in his life, and shares that joy with everyone he meets. I'm surprised our paths did not cross at NWA, but could not be happier that I finally had the opportunity to meet this incredible man.

What makes Don so special—other than he is a genuinely kind man, excellent flight attendant, and an artist? He’s filled with compassion, and shares it.

Sunset on the Canal by Don

About a year ago Don and his wife, Chris, were watching a 20/20 story about foster kids being put on multiple psychotropic drugs to control their behavior because it was cheaper than counseling. But times are changing and there is a fabulous place in Memphis called Mayhurst that understands a better reality—despite the cost. What price can you put on a child’s life?

Don tells the story best:

“Some of these kids have been in 25 foster homes in 5 or 6 years. Who wouldn't act out? I don't think drugs are the best way to deal with these kids. Maryhurst takes in the most traumatized teen girls and through therapy are able to get 3/4 of them off the drugs.

We also learned they have weekends where people volunteer to do landscaping, painting dorm rooms etc. Last spring we decided to go Kentucky and get involved. After that we were hooked. Knowing so many of the girls feel forgotten by the world we decided to start the Christmas card drive hoping they won't feel so invisible.”

The best way to learn about Maryhurst is check out their website at

Don and Chris are encouraging you to send greeting cards to these girls. If someone wants to join these holiday angels in their Christmas card project, please go to: FaceBookFosterKidsCardDrive You don't need to have a facebook account to view his page.

All you need is a great big heart and greeting cards. Then send them to

"The Girls, C/O Maryhurst
1015 Dorsey Lane Louisville,
KY 40223"

There are 64 girls. Guess how many I am sending?
What about you?

They tell me it's also OK to include a gift card from Kohl's or Old Navy.

When I asked Don what his wish for this holiday season was, he said, “I guess that would be that everyone do something for someone who is less fortunate than them.”

And then he added, “Never give so much it hurts but give enough that it feels really good.”

Now, get your package of tissues and watch this 20/20 video. And then please go to the Foster Kids Card Drive Page and like. Then send your cards. What a difference this will make in a life of a child.

This is what the holiday season is all about.
Sending love to someone who needs it.  
How will you spread the cheer?

Do you think we could find 65 people to send a gift card in a greeting card? Wouldn't that be something if all the kids could get something special this year.

Happy Holidays!
XO Karlene


  1. Don sounds like an amazing man who supports an excellent cause. I've already opened a new window to check it out!

    1. Heather, Thank you so much! And... I can't believe you sent 64 cards yourself! Oh...yes I can. Thank you so much!


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