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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aviation High School Auction!

A Huge Success! 

Aviation High School's annual auction was last Saturday Night. We had so much fun. I actually bid on something, and won. Now we'll be having a writers workshop in Lake Chelan! I also donated a gift package of Flight For Control books, with a speaking engagement. And that went too.

How successful is a "huge" success? 
You decide...

A Record-Setting Night Saturday!  

We did it! What a fabulous evening of giving and sharing together in our support of Aviation High School. We raised a tremendous amount of money to support and enhance our school, well surpassing our past auctions. The grand total came to $117,000 and the Fund-A-Need event by itself raised nearly $34,000 to support our teams and programs. We thank our generous donors; local businesses, families and wonderful supporters of AHS who came out in force to show their support of our wonderful school.

It takes so many volunteers to pull off an event of this magnitude - many parents and students who worked hard before and during the event to create such a successful evening - thank you! A very special note of thanks to Julie Zaballos, Kathy Silvernale, Stephanie Hoag, Leslie Schumann, Keiko Sano, Pat/Laureen Kelly and Todd/Laura Crooks for your dedication of time and expertise these last couple of months. Together we made wonderful things happen!   

~Teri Katzer, 2012 auction chair  

Seattle 99's Soar!

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  1. Wow, I didn't realize there was a school like that up there. I am only familiar with the aviation-themed high school near in So Cal. I think this is fantastic. It would be great if there were more cities with schools like this. I applaud the work that Eagle Flight is doing, as an extracurricular class, building airplanes - that's a step in the right direction.
    Thanks Karlene!

  2. This is an awesome auction for an awesome cause for an awesome high school. I am so glad that you were able to win something in the auction for this cause. And yes, I am glad that they were recipients of a "Flight For Control" gift package - one of the greatest of gifts I have personally received to date. Kudos to you for supporting such a cause and we shall see you soon!

  3. Hello Karlene,

    I just discover your blog and I love it! Will be here often! Great pics (the one with the SR-71). Sorry for my english, I'm from Québec... Thanks!


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