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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where in the World???

Today is the day that I said that I would announce where in the world I will be traveling to, for a book signing party. However, due to the fact that I’m somewhere between Barcelona and Atlanta, then on my way to Oklahoma City for some FAA A330 testing… I’ve decided to wait until next Wednesday so I can be sure I do not leave out any names in the drawing. 

But with that said… I’ve also decided to do an additional giveaway. This person will be removed from the next drawing, as today she is a winner.

Why am I doing this? Because, the person I’m gifting these five books to, and scheduling a visit with, is an aviation enthusiast who continues to give back to her community by hosting fly-it-forward events. She’s defied health and financial obstacles to continue her pursuit in aviation. She blogs at Toriaflies She Podcasts at StuckMicAvCast  She tweets @Toriafly And she shares the dreams of all of us looking toward the sky for adventure, careers, fun, or just plane passion. Besides today is her birthday. 


Happy Birthday Victoria Neuville!

Blow out all the candles on your cake,
and make all your dreams come true. 

We’ll coordinate when I can deliver your books to you in person. Until then… keep sharing the dream.There will be another winner announced next week when I'm on the ground organized.

Who is going to receive the cup of Attitude? 
Join the Friday Flyer behind it all tomorrow. 


Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Cool. Happy Birthday to Victoria! Can't wait to see tomorrow's Friday Flyer. p.s. do you always do testing at the end of a monster trip back and forth and back again across the world? Seems like jet lag and exhaustion would make it harder!!

    1. Yes... this is going to be the "real" test for sure. More to come about it next week. If I can talk about it. We'll see.

  2. May 17th is my favorite day of the year! Norway's Constitution Day, and Victoria's birthday, as well as my dog's birthday! Happy Birthday Victoria!

    Looking at the photo of Victoria, she seems like a girl who knows her own attitude and act accordingly. She can do great things even upside-down!

    1. Wow... this day just keeps getting better!!
      Yes, she knows how to get things done regardless of any attitude! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hey! Look! That's me! Can't wait, Karlene! And Cecilie, you are too sweet :)

    1. I hope you had a Happy Birthday! We'll talk and plan something fun!


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