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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Club... Flight For Control

Flight For Control is not just for pilots
... or men!

Last night I hosted a book club meeting in my home with my eldest daughter and her group. Yes... Flight For Control is for everyone! (Except kids. This is for mature audiences only.) Wait... I see a baby. Yes, Anthony was enjoying the night with the ladies.

Here is what my non-pilot readers had to say:
"It made me think about how pilot's have a personal life. We just think about them being strong. It scary to realize they are people with the same problems regular people have."

"A page turner... sex, scandal, and real relationships."

"Something for everyone... technical, aviation, relationships... and hot sex."

"My Dad was in the military and there were many pilots crashing their planes because they couldn't mentally handle it... He ended up leaving." 

This is another issue with the military ... there are many, many suicides occurring right now. Another issue we might have to address.

Thank you ladies for a great time! And your valuable input. Turns out that one of these ladies, is married to the nephew of a pilot I used to fly with at NWA. It's a very small world.

Enjoy the journey... and keep reading!

XOX Karlene


  1. Aviation aside, this book has something to offer: real life financial problems, relationships, family, careers and just about every human emotion to go with. Something everyone can learn from. A must read. And for the kids when they get older. :-)

    1. Thank you Jeremy. My daughter said she was going to let my granddaughter read it when she's 13. I say,23! :) We write about what we know, and our experiences. Does this tell you something about the experience of my life? I suspect when you've been married for 31 years, raised a family, worked for 8 airlines, and studied this stuff in school... you've experienced a lot.

  2. That's exactly why I can't want for the second book! You have so much to tell.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful night with wonderful girls (and a baby!)

    And like Jeremy, I am anxiously waiting for the second book!

    1. Thanks Cecilie! I wrote a chapter today. :) One page at a time.


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