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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nyekodzi Emmanuelle Mawunyo: Why I Want To Fly

Nyekodzi Emmanuelle Mawunyo is my name. I am a girl of 18 years old. I come from a town called Mepe in the Votal Region, Ghana. I attended Kpong Evangelical Presbyterian School. I got to know about WAASPS, an aviation company through Mr. Porter who came frequently to visit my father. After my education, I decided to join WAASPS. Whilst in WAASPS, I removed stones and tree stumps on the runway. I worked with WAASPS for a while. 

Nyekodzi Emmanuelle Mawunyo

Why I want to fly

The first time I was asked get into one of the planes to experience what goes on in the air; was a memorable day for me. It was the happiest moment in my life.   

Whilst we were flying I saw a lot of towns, villages and other structures. It was so interesting to view the earth from above. At first I was so scared because the aircraft in which I flew did not have doors. But this didn’t discourage me at all I always yearned to have another special time in the plane.

So, luckily for me, not long after I developed the interest to fly, Aviation Technology Academy a flying school was introduced and I was enrolled in this school.

I really love flying because I enjoy it. Every time I get a ride in a plane it gives me joy. I get pleasure from my lessons. When I am scheduled for a lesson I am filled with a desire to learn which stems from my love for aircrafts. 

In Ghana most of the villages in the Volta region where I come from are located very close to water bodies. The rivers serve as their source of drinking water and it is also used for other domestic activities but it is well maintained.  I would want to fly to these villages to help educate them on the harmful effects of bilharzias. And talk to them about how to prevent it. 

I would like to help people from backgrounds like mine, to improve aviation in Ghana. This would be through working with my school after I complete, to train more girls. 

I would also travel around my country to expose many more students across the country to aviation.  I want to fly to help sick people and villages by joining Medicine on the Move to give them first aid.

I want to educate my people on the various ailments that plague us. I teach my people to keep their surroundings clean so that they can live in good health to contribute their quota to the country. I want to fly to help fly sick people who cannot receive medical attention in my country to other countries where they can be treated.

I would like to train to be an aerobatic pilot. I would like to experience the forces of gravity in spins, rolls and maneuvers that constitute aerobatics. This will bring a lot of achievements to bring a lot of achievement to Ghana.  

I also want to fly to encourage young Ghanaians through my flying to set goals for themselves and to make them know that they can do more than I can and they can make a difference too. As a pilot engineer I would like to help the aviation sector with my skills in engineering to help improve aviation in Ghana as a whole.

I would like to fly to explore many countries and visit the famous places in the world.   

Emmanuelle I have no doubt you will accomplish all your dreams...Travel the world, help the people of Ghana, soar to new heights. You are an inspiration and are making a difference.

Keep dreaming big and always remember to say, "I can!" 

If you can fly, you can do anything. 

Thank you ladies of Ghana. Your passion of aviation, your love of your country, and care for your neighbors have already made you a great success.

Keep smiling. Keep dreaming. Keep flying. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you all soon! Lydia, prayers are with you and your pending surgery. You will be spreading those wings to fly again real soon.

 Ciara - Juliet - Emanuella and Lydia with a CH701 copy
Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. I agree with her.Evey time I see world map,I am excited (like heart moving up near mouth)haha.
    Flying enable us to travel fast,safe and fun, and make world very close.Airplane is one of the valuable inventions for us.For example,it takes only about 10 hours to go to USA from Japan.After spending 10 hours ,we can go totally different culture place.That is very amazing for me.
    That is why I am really respect "aviation world" and want to become an airline pilot.
    Thanks for sharing,Karlene san:))

    You have a great day.

  2. Beautiful thoughts and dreams, and I absolutely believe they can all come true for Emmanuelle. She knows what she wants and how to get there. Impressive and inspiring. Thanks Karlene, and thank you, Emmanuelle, for sharing your wonderful aspirations.

  3. The happiest moment of her life, I love that! That proves she is doing what she was meant to do! Another fantastic, inspiring story! Best of luck to Nyekodzi on achieving all her dreams!


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