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Sunday, May 15, 2011

62 Guest Fly out of Renton Airport Today

Flying is Awesome!

Renton Airport does it again, thanks to incredible people with their outgoing spirits and willingness to give back to their flying community! 

A special THANK YOU to our ground helpers... Lauren, Christine, Katie, Zach, Kathy, and Carolann! You were all awesome!

An EXTRA special THANK YOU to our pilots, Dale, Gary, Tom, Peter, Jay, and Rochelle. Thank you for taking our helpers flying too! Thank you Austin for coming down and giving it a try on the lake, too. Christine loved the ride. 

We could not do this without you all.

Thank YOU Lauren, Katie, Christine!
Thank YOU... Zach, CarolAnn, Jay, and Kathy!

Thank YOU Peter!
Thank YOU Tom!
Thank YOU Dale!!!
Thank YOU Gary!!!
Thank YOU Christine and Rochelle!!!

Hannah Superstar!
 Hannah, Thank you for the incredible gift and beautiful card!!! I will cherish them always! Fly safe!

Please visit me at facebook for more photos....  Happy Flying everyone!

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Awesome photos:) From their smile(happiness),I got huge power. I am happy that mother nature was kind this time:)) Thank you for sharing Karlene san.
    I can confidently say that my dream is pilot.I know many people have different kind of dreams though I imagine that if I become pilot,I can make people happy like you and your friends:))

    have a great weekend

  2. Kudos to everyone participating! You people are doing wonderful things, fullfilling dreams and starting new ones for some no doubt. Thank you for the lovely pictures Karlene! It's been so fun sharing this with you.

  3. and thank you Karlene - you are beyond awesome!!!! Can't wait until next time!

  4. What an experience! Thanks Again!

  5. Good fun again. We got really lucky with the weather again. I'll be there again with a plane next year again!


  6. Thank you for sharing those photos karlene!
    I too try to get women involved in aviation (in Europe), anyone wants to fly a Kingair with me? :)

  7. I am returning because it looks like my initial comment did not get posted.

    Again, I wanted to thank you for this opportunity. I know some young impressionable girls that we really thrilled by the experience. Only time will tell what kind of effect this will have on their future.

    From a grateful mom.

  8. Izzyebr, thank you so much for the comment. We will fly again! Every experience will help guide their futures.


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