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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flight For Control... close to reality

Today is all about finishing my novel, Flight For Control. I have an incredible editor! Where did I find her? At the airport. Yes… she’s a pilot and you can read more about her this Friday. I finished inputting all her wisdom and today I'm finishing my final read through. Then I will send it to my, hopefully soon to be, New York agent.

Flight For Control 

From the mouth of my editor, Christine Hollingsworth... 

“I have a mental map of the book, and boy, is this one ever a labyrinth. Think three-dimensional Midwestern corn maze. It's quite a wild ride. A lot of it scares me, but it reveals a lot about the current state of the commercial aviation industry, stuff that most people don't even think about or can imagine happening. I imagine a lot of it is scarier to me as a student pilot because not only do I fly ten miles south of the airport where it takes place, but also because this was initially why I wanted to learn to fly. I still want to pilot a 787 someday. I don't want to say I'm rethinking it because of her novel, but it is helping me put things into perspective. Commercial flying isn't red carpets and piano lounges anymore.

However you look at it, it's a great book. You need to buy it and help us make enough money so I can edit the movie script too. Also Karlene and I need to buy a purple Warrior to practice in. Just saying.”

Thank you Christine! When my novel makes it to the big screen... we will buy a plane!  Purple... why not?

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Ha, a purple Warrior. . . sounds excellent, and so does your book and so does Christine! :-)) All fingers crossed for NY agent! (good thing I'm not a pilot) She will love it.

  2. I can hardly wait for your novel to hit the shelves Karlene! I'm so excited for it. I hope it's not long behind mine! And I'm up for a purple plane!

  3. Karlene:

    A couple of years ago there was a fellow in the Cessna Pilots Assn who had a purple 182. He called it "The Grape." Here's a photo.

    Can I pre-order the book now?


  4. Good luck and Godspeed. :D it will be purple under the belly up to the bottom of the wings and the rest will be either white with orange trim or just bright orange. Hi vis above and below. Also it needs colored lights along the fuselage and on the tips of the prop so it looks like a spaceship and can be seen no matter what.

  5. I will paint my Sundowner purple and any other color if that will help it sell and go to a good home. It's better than a Warrior, faster, climbs better and equipped to make a 1980's airliner envious (maybe 90's).

    Oh, and I will buy Karlene's book!

  6. Heather... we'll do book signings together! :) I'm following in your path.

  7. Thank you Linda!!! Our editor is one great lady! We'll all fly the purple plane!

  8. Frank, I love the GRAPE! Thank you for sharing that cool picture.

  9. Christine... if you can see it, you can make it a reality! With detail like that... I think sooner than you think.

  10. D.B. You have a plane? I want you to email me details. Pictures. Price. Contact info... I'll post it!!!

  11. Wow! that is very good news,Karlene san!!

    I hope the book written by you will appear at world wide book stores in the near future.

    I am sure I will buy this book,and enjoy reading Flight for control.
    I hope that your project goes very well:)
    You have a great day.

  12. Oh... but don't let it scare you from being a pilot. We need more people like you to keep the airline industry going in the right direction. Thank you Jun for your comment.

  13. Yes Karla!! The purple plane will be yours to fly!

  14. Hi! I tried to google this book and buy it /I love thrillers, I admire planes and pilots and I am fascinated by crashes and investigation, sorry for this :} / but I didn't succeed. When will it be possible to get it? I hope Amazon will have it, otherwise I don't know how to get it in the Czech Republic. I am so looking forward for it! My English needs to be improved and this seems like a perfect chance :o}

  15. PS: The purple plane sounds amazing! You'd have to come to LKPR if you bought that. I have to take a spotter picture of something like that!

  16. Hi Teri, you will love it! And, I'm hoping it will be released mid December. Now you'll have to read my blog every day and then you'll know exactly when!

  17. Roger, wilco! :o)
    I am really looking forward for it. It might be a wonderful Christmas present for myself... So, I really hope it will arrive on time!

  18. I hope it will arrive soon too! My cover designer (daughter) is having her baby two weeks too early... and she needs a few more hours in the office to complete. She's really talented! I need her.


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