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Friday, May 28, 2010

Barry Orlando: Friday Fabulous Flyer!

During the previous three months I’ve had the opportunity to meet many wonderful pilots during my blogging/flying/training adventure. Many of these pilots are just beginning their aviation careers and others are starting their second career. They all have one thing in common, an incredible passion for flying.

The current economy, personal life struggles, and the price of fuel have added additional challenges to their progress. We’re asking the aviation community for help and or advice. Today and throughout the month of June I am introducing some very motivated and talented people who just want to fly airplanes. We're asking anyone who can help to fulfill their dreams with a flying job, a plane and opportunity to build hours, or an idea how they can afford to build time… I know they would greatly appreciate your advice and assistance!

Today, I am proud to introduce you to: Barry Orlando!

Barry earned his private pilot certificate in October of 2007. Since then he has earned his High Performance endorsement and will have his Complex Endorsement after “only” 4 more hours of training. Presently he’s studying for his commercial rating and hopes to take the FAA exam before July 1st.

Barry has a total of 76 hours PIC, 180 hours total time, and has flown Cessna 172’s, 182’s, a Piper Cherokee and an Arrow. In order to stay in the flying game he joined the Civil Air Patrol and was recently promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in the Rochester Senior Squadron. He will be taking a FORM 5 check ride with Civil Air Patrol so that he can fly solo their aircraft as his funds improve. Unfortunately there is no free flying in Civil Air Patrol, not yet anyway… but we have to ask ,”why not?”

Barry lost his job two years ago. However he used this opportunity to turn his part time development company into a full-time business and spend more time with his sons. His son’s, ages 12 and 14, moved in with him full-time after the loss of his job. Barry’s challenges now are strictly from a time and money standpoint.

Barry says, “Being a single father puts things in perspective very quickly, but my boys come first with flying second.” His divorce in 2009 presented many additional challenges. But he emerged with two wonderful sons, Devin and Nathan. His 12 year old Nathan has his own blog. Click HERE to check it out.

Barry’s goal in aviation is simple: “Doing everything I thought I could never do!” Barry further states, “I love flying, being a knowledgeable pilot and sharing my passion with others. I have more to learn and building up my pilot in command time is important to me.”

A commercial rating is essential to reach his goal: Making a living doing something he loves. “Sure I love what I do as far as work, but it’s not nearly as exciting as flying. It’s a passion that helps drive me to do more, and I want to keep the fire burning.”

Barry lives in the Fingers Lakes Region of New York State. If there is anyway someone could help him move his flying career forward… he would be very grateful.

Please check out Barry’s business at Orlando Web Services or visit his personal blog to learn a little more about him at See Barry Fly. And don’t forget to share your ideas with him below.

Thank You!


  1. Thank you Karlene! I wish more people could be like you. We need to help our own AND bring in new people to aviation. After becoming a pilot I suddenly understood the meaning of "use it or loose it". As a pilot you never want to loose what you worked so hard for and I am doing what I can to stay in the game. Thank you again!


  2. Congrats Barry, I hear over and over again how persistence in the face of what seem to be very long odds are what pay off in the end. Every time I think the lights are dimming on my career choice and I should throw in the towel, someone somewhere did just that...and reduced by one the number of people competing for the job I want!

    Wonderful Blog Karlene, I just found it and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do on my reading!

  3. Thank you 54 for yoru comments! And yes... lots to catch up on. You could be reading for days. lol.

    You just said it all... "Persistence" That is the key to life, and the one of the few things we have under our control... our willingness to keep moving forward.

    Thank you for the comments!

  4. Go, Barry! I started flying at age 16 in 1944 in a Civil Air Patrol Taylorcraft with a 65 HP Continental. $3.00 per hour with instructor, $2.00 solo. Worked after school to pay for it. Eventually became an Army Aviator. Flew for 24 years. Keep looking ahead as opportunities continue open. Be ready.

    Best wishes!

    Ralph in Dallas.

  5. Hey Barry well done! Im in the same situation with no job, but your living proof that hard work gets people places!

    Best wishes
    Timothy Elwood


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