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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

First Non-Stop

17 hour 15 minute flight 

Touched down at 0510 am 
March 25th
Between Perth West Australia 
and London Heathrow

"The flight by the state airline, was more noticeable for two points, the original flight took 12 days, then 1947 took only 4 days and till now, flights had stop overs in Singapore or Dubai.

It is also a record breaker for Seattle based manufacturer, BOEING, for it is the longest ever flight conducted by a B787 family member, 9000,5 miles.

On board the flight, was 16 crew including 4 pilots, one of which was and who flew initial leg of flight, Capt Lisa Norman (Qantas of their pilots, 6 % are women).

The 787 burned 110,000 liters of fuel 20% less than a similar aircraft upon route. QF9 will depart tonight 9.30pm UK time to return back to Perth, Qantas has taken a decade to reach this milestone analyzing wind and weather patterns.

The next chapter is to fly Melbourne and Sydney to London non stop using a 787 and similarly out of same Australian hubs to New York."

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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