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Friday, March 16, 2018

Characters in Aviation

Friday's Fabulous Flyer
Mike Jarrell is a 48 year old former race pilot and current league caretaker for Central City Jet Racing League. Mike’s duties as a caretaker include delivering breakfast to race pilots at their dorms Monday to Friday, fueling, inspecting, and maintaining planes, as well as maintaining the facilities at the league airfield (changing light bulbs, washing floors, and oiling door hinges). 
Mike has spent the majority of his life in Texas, but is living at Central City Jet Racing League’s airfield during the NJRA season. At one time, Mike raced with the Dallas Jet Racing League, but his flying career came to an end when deploying a faulty ejection seat left him with lifelong pain. Mike walks with a slight limp as a result of his injuries.
After recovering from the ejection incident, Mike was offered the opportunity to stay in the NJRA in a non-flying position. He decided to become a league caretaker because of his love for planes and jet racing, giving him a chance to be involved, despite being unable to fly. 
Mike is a Southern Baptist and maintains strong religious conservative views. He disapproves of Jay’scrossdressing and Irene’s homosexuality, albeit less openly in the case of Irene. He still treats Irene with respect because she gives good back massages. 

Jet Racer is coming soon!
And it it were to be a movie, 
Michael C. Hall (photo above) 
would make a perfect Mike Jarrell. 

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Mike is a testament to the resilience of people with physical challenges. Despite his daily pain, he still works hard making sure Jay and the others' planes are in working condition, as well as everything else at Central City Jet Racing League's airfield is in good shape.

    Another fun fact: Mike chose working for as a league caretaker over living off social security because the job pays much better and covers all of his medical expenses.

    1. Randy, Thanks for the added information on Mike! He is a testament!


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