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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Gift

The Beginning and The Air Force Years

My friend Captain Jim Wright copied me on an email regarding Mike Trahan's books (Mike was a Friday Flyer in 2015.) What was special about this letter, was the acknowledgement of their spouses and the key point that wife at home served to support the careers. Just like flying the plane, life is all about the team. If you love reading, I would add these two books to your reading list. 

"Mike, Just finished submitting a 5-star review on “The Gift – The Beginning” and am now reading “The Airforce Years”. My review touched briefly on why some recognize their “gift” earlier than others – a challenging question at best. Your account of how you became involved with aviation was of particular interest. My first trip to sea in a converted WW-II minesweeper (“MV Willis Shank”) bound for SE Alaska was also at age 15. 

Believing that seafarers had not changed substantially from the days of Richard Henry Dana’s, “Two Years Before the Mast”, my family was not supportive of my decision although they didn’t object to the point of prohibiting my intentions. It should be noted that my first choice was a well-worn tramp freighter, “MV Western Trader”, bound for the Bering Sea. Looking back, my parents probably recognized the potential danger with “Western Trader” and felt that encouraging the “Willis Shank” option would be in everyone’s best interest. Their encouragement proved perceptive when while in the Alaska port of Tamgas Harbor, my “wife-to-be” came aboard as a passenger. 

We have both been fortunate in finding wives who have been supportive of our careers while keeping the family running on an even keel. You could say that in both our situations, this has also been “The Gift”."

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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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