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Friday, February 23, 2018

Jet Racer is...

Turning the Skies Pink!


Julianne Madison, sometimes referred to as Juli, is a 22 year-old pilot with the NJRA, and considered the rookie. Julianne is originally from Brooklyn but moved to Central Washington after after graduating training camp and being assigned to Central City Jet Racing League. Julianne’s first foray into aviation came when she was given the opportunity to train as a wing walker for an airshow team. After spending an entire summer around pilots, Julianne decided that she wanted to become a pilot herself, and entered NJRA training camp at age of 21.

Julianne has a passion for designer fashion and makeup. She is extremely attractive, and many male fans, along with Max, have sexual fantasies about her. Her looks, along with being one of the few women flying for the NJRA, have also attracted plenty of attention from sponsors offering her deals, despite her never having won a single race. 

Despite all the attention, Julianne is disgusted as to how sexualized she and the other women in the NJRA have become. Unfortunately this is the only way to get by.

Julianne loves to watch movies, which she could do for hours at a time. Aside from being glued to the movie channel, she also enjoys board games such as Monopoly, loves to shop and enjoys trying new activities. Her favorite was a free rock climbing class offered by a sponsor. Julianne enjoys a variety of foods, but sushi, next to macaroni and cheese, are her favorites.   

Coming Soon!

When Jet Racer becomes a movie, 
Jennifer Lawrence will be 
the perfect Juli Madison! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


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