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Friday, July 14, 2017

Scott McAllister

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Scott McAllister

Pilots are amazing people with a special air about them, and Scott McAllister is no exception. While I asked him about his flying career, he simply said, "I started flying at SIU- Carbondale as an undergrad, flew next in the Marine Corps and got hired by NWA in 1986."  Flying 31-years for the airlines, and he's still flying strong. 

Scott is on a mission to help the Make A Wish of Michigan foundation. We often wonder why people do what they do, and thus when I asked Scott how he began riding, he shared his story of a simple friendship built in the skies with two crew members who shared a passion. 

When Scott and Bill Hoffer flew together, they hit it off because they shared a lot of the same interests, namely endurance events.  At the time Scott was an A320 Captain in Detroit and Bill was a first officer, who has since upgraded to a B-717 Captain. 

After Scott and Bill's second Tough Mudder Event and a couple half-marathons, Bill had mentioned that he participated in the 2016 Make-A-Wish Michigan 300, and had a blast. Thus Scott said, “Sign me up!” He says it was because, "all that running had been taking a toll on me over the past several decades." Thus biking sounded like a great idea.

Using Your Passion for Giving Back!

"We both work out of Detroit so we are riding to help out kids in the community where we are employed. Bill lives in Monroe, MI and he has started a cycling club which will be well represented at the WAM 300. As for me, I currently live west of Chicago and commute out of Chicago." 

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Make A Wish Foundation.

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  1. Scott, What a great story and what a journey. One of the wonderful things about aviation and aviators is their story, their journey and their willingness to give back. I'm purchasing the book Flight for Control and wish you nothing but the best and success in your efforts to support such a great cause. With any luck I'll be flying your right seat one day. Stay safe !

    1. Tim, Thank you so much for your comment. We all need the wind beneath our wings, and support perpetuates in a positive way. Stay amazing!


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