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Thursday, July 6, 2017



"B757 ( G-BIKB) June 30th was to have made her last ever flight then be broken for spares, the flight was BRUSSELS - MADRID, but in a stay of execution she was flown into DHL hub at Nottingham East Midlands airport from Madrid to which she is still parked. B757 ( G- BIKB) was first a/c of type to fly in Europe when bought direct from Boeing Seattle

British Airways, she was also 4th off the line of initial batch of type.

As for British Airways, they are near a week into a 16 day strike action by MIXED FLEET CREWS over pay and conditions, it wont affect SHORT - HAUL FLIGHTS just LONG - HAUL FLIGHTS.

Although the airline contacted passengers so as to either re-route or re-book, B.A. was forced to admit shortfall and through talks with C.A.A. the airline brought in 19 complete crews inc pilots from QATAR AIRWAYS, what is not known is whether they are to fly the grounded B.A. a/c or bring a/c with them. The reason for the talks with C.A.A. is over license agreements."

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  1. Good old G-BIKB. She was to be seen regularly when she was in B A colours operating the busy shuttle service from London/Heathrow to Manchester,Newcastle,Edinburgh,Glasgow and Belfast.As well as the popular European routes.It's sad to see her go.But even sleek machines like this come to the end of their lives.The 757 was at first supplemented by the A320/1 and gradually replaced.She,along with many of her type ended her days hauling freight in and out of the DHL hub at East Midlands Airport in the UK.She must be over 30 now and has earned her retirement.

    1. John, this is fascinating. Thank you for sharing this information. Yes, I guess we all have that expiration date for sure.
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