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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Resolutions

2015 has arrived!

The beginning of each year is the time to start anew—a time to figure out how we want to change, what needs to be changed, and how we are going to do it. Nothing stays the same and neither should you. Life is about growth and figuring out who we are and what we want as we travel through this journey.

Each year I make multiple New Years resolutions, and I’m 90% successful. Meaning, I fulfill I make a plan, create a strategy, and commit. There are a few more secrets, but those will be released with Flight to Success, be the captain of your life. This book is now in the hands of the editors, and will be in your hands soon! I’m planning by the end of January. 

Some resolutions don’t occur because life happens, so we must be flexible. However, if you want to achieve something you must first decide and then make a plan to make it a reality. This is why I make so many resolutions… just like goals, when you make then, and tell people about them, it helps to make them a reality.

2015 resolutions:

  • Visit each of the grandkids once per month in Seattle, Austin, and Bend. I did it last year, will do it again!
  • Golf with my husband once per month. And on a real course.

  • Take two classes per quarter at ERAU toward PhD.
  • Get glider rating. This is going to be a challenge with the schedule, but a worthwhile challenge.

  • Paint daily. I’m going to get the big painting complete prior to the Aviation High School auction!
  • Write first draft of Flight For Survival. I’m not making a commitment for a 2015 release. 
  • Movie: Write a movie script
  • Publish two children's books
Aviation Safety:
  • Build the case for reducing total time flight hours for glider time, and cub or tail-dragger time, in my statistics course. Petition FAA for such program.
  • Write A330 study guide.
  • I was going to give up coffee, refreshers, sparkling ice water...but this year I am learning moderation. Thus, I'm going to be flexible on the no sugar this year. 
Health and Fitness:
  • Meditate 20 minutes per day.
  • Drink Shakeology daily. 
  • No sugar... except for a birthday cake for immediate family.
  • Pure Barre—3 times per week when I’m in town. 
  • Piyo—4 days per week when home, and every day while on the road. 
  • At least 30 minutes cardio daily...

Fitness Challenge: 

Many people begin the year with health and fitness goals. Those extra pounds to shed, wanting more stamina, etc. I have a challenge for you all. If weight loss and feeling better is your goal, contact my fitness coach—Krysta Wogen at Tell her I sent you and you’re on the Flight For Fitness with me. She will set you up on a great plan to reach your dreams, and you can be part of my team. The best way to be a success is with support.

Happy New Year!!!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Leave a comment below.
Make a commitment. 

Enjoy the Journey
XO Karlene

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  1. Hello Karlene,
    The 2015 list is impressive and, having read your blog and corresponded for a few years, I know that you can honor most of those objectives. If privately, I hope there is also a prioritized list of those resolutions.
    Cedarglen's list is a bit more modest, but my obligations are fewer. If my years have taught me anything, it is moderation and some practicality. Prioritizing does matter.
    Best wishes for '15. You'll see a back channel note before long, but I'll keep it simple. -Craig of Cedarglen.

    1. Thank you Craig! And yes... when you read Flight To Success, you'll see priorities are on the top of the list and important. Working on the moderation thing this year, too. Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. You said cake... I want cake. I haven't eaten sugar for ages (it's a lie - but I want it anyway).

    Oh... And that licor chocolate. hmmmm!!!

    And more licor.

    1. Happy New Year Alex, when I graduate and come to Brazil...we'll eat chocolate cake!!

  3. I love your resolutions, they are inspiring! I may have to adopt a few of them myself. :)

    1. Thank you Heather, and I love yours! Writing every day is on my list too! I know this year will be great success for you!

  4. Man, just reading your list of resolutions has left me winded. Guess I need more cardio, right?

    My resolutions?

    No sugar.

    More exercise.

    A random act of kindness to someone daily.

    A page, at least, of writing a day. 365 days of that, and I will have a novel!

    May your skies always be fair.

    1. Excellent!!! I love the random act of kindness! I'm going to do that too! My daughter is making me add the birthday cake to the list. If I can do that, then I'm thinking I'm good.

  5. Almost a perfect list but you left off a couple of things. You didn’t say anything at all about sleep, staying out of prison, or watching the new episodes of "American People" “Pawn Pickers” or "Swamp Stars."

    There is so much more to life than family, work, school, and create.


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