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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flight For Control Comments

Read what the experts say:

Flight For Control is a fascinating debut and a truly terrifying insider's take on the airline industry by an author who knows what she's talking about. You will not want to get on an airplane after reading Petitt's book. 

Mike Lawson—Author of The Political Thriller of the Year, House Divided, House Secrets and House Justice

“A strong debut with a complex plot that keeps the reader guessing until the very end.”

Robert Dugoni—Lawyer and New York Times Bestselling Author of fiction The Jury Master, Cyanide Canary, and Damage Control

“Flight for Control is a powerhouse debut novel. Karlene Petitt combines her insider knowledge of the airline industry with her impressive writing skills to create a spellbinding thriller. Why did Flight 39 crash? Could there be more to these air disasters than meets the eye? And what can Kathryn do about it? I was hooked on the first page and never stopped reading till it was over.”

William Bernhardt—Over 10 million novels sold. Bestselling Author of Capital Betrayal, Nemesis, and Hate Crime

“I have a mental map of the book, and boy, is this one ever a labyrinth. Think three-dimensional Midwestern corn maze. It's quite a wild ride. A lot of it scares me, but it reveals a lot about the current state of the commercial aviation industry, stuff that most people don't even think about or can imagine happening..."

Christine Hollingsworth, Pilot

"I just finished reading "Flight For Control" and I've got to tell you that it is OUTSTANDING! Faster and more action packed than a 600 RVR Concorde takeoff! Highly recommended!"

Bill Boeing  


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