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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Resolution Success:

Success begins with a decision!

2014 I made quite a few resolutions
and yes... I kept many:

 Me in 2014


No Sugar! I exercised daily! Drank copious amounts of water. Laughed loud and hard. I did meditate, but not daily as planned. Down time ... 48 hours a month without internet failed miserably. But only because I was accepted into graduate school, and that took priority. My computer is used daily. Two of my resolutions were in conflict.


I saw each of my grandchildren every month! Yes... I did it. Seattle, Austin, and Bend. Amazing but true and such a blessing to see them. December they all came to Seattle.


I golfed with my husband once. But that's problem, I said I was going to, but did not specify the number of days. Be specific when making plans. But I did build him a golf course. :) 


I made it to OSH, but I did not get my glider rating. But I have a great plan coming up. My friend and statistics teammate will be working to make this a reality. Glider hours count toward total flight time



I did well enough on my GRE and was accepted into ERAU's graduate program. Working toward my PhD! 


Flight For Safety is published! Flight To Success is complete, but awaiting publication. Two children's books written, awaiting illustration. Flight For Survival is plotted and outlined. Movies...not in screen play form yet. But I have to leave something for next year.  And my A330 study guides will be written first quarter of 2015. 

Resolution Success!

How to Achieve Success can be in the palm of your hands. Literally. Flight To Success Be the Captain of Your Life will be available January 2015. Secrets on how to make all your dreams come true! 

Happy New Year! 
2015 Resolutions on New Years Day!

How did you do on your resolutions
last year?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Thank You For Reading!


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Flight For Control and Flight For Safety 
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  1. I am on course with the NO SUGAR in my diet ... mostly. Who knew there was 1 gram of sugar in Cheerios!!

    I am keeping with at least one page written a day for my novels.

    Alas, I have not secured a date with Cate Blanchett yet. Something to do with a husband and children!! :-)

    I wish you success with your studies on your PhD. It is hard I know. Still not there myself! But I am proud of my Master's in Psychology -- which gives me all sorts of disorders to recognize in those around me! I stay away from the mirror for that very reason.

    Your husband is very lucky to have his own golf course. Make those holes very close for an easy game!!

    I wrote my first children's book but without illustrations. I am looking for candidates. I wish you luck in your search.

    Happy New Year and Clear Skies Always.

    1. Lol.. you are doing awesome. And some resolutions might be left to dreams. :) So... I have a great illustrator, and she is working on mine now. Wait until you see her work. Have a wonderful New Year! The first I'll have my next years resolutions. Debating on giving up coffee. hmmmm.

  2. I could not keep the no sugar resolution even though it's probably the best way to lose weight.

    Congratulations and Happy New Year!

    1. The sugar is a challenge, but once you decide... it's super easy. Then you pay attention to how much you would have eaten! Happy New Year!!

  3. Do get your glider rating - you'll be happy that you did. I did mine in 1998, and I think it made me better and safer, especially at low speed. And one of my favorite flying experiences was sharing a thermal over East TX with a Red Tailed Hawk, and hearing and feeling the rush of rising air as I entered it. No powered aircraft can give you that!

    1. Thank you!!! I will!!! YOU have to come back tomorrow and see the new resolutions. This will be one of them. :) Happy New Year!!!

  4. Karlene, I wish every airline would print what you wrote on every single boarding pass that they hand out:

    When you take delays, thank the airline, your pilots, the flight attendants and the gate agents. Delays are for your safety.

    Maybe not 100% of delays, but YES for the ones that matter!

    Fly safe in 2015

  5. I just love your blog. Good luck in the coming year.


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