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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flying Forward into 2015!

"If you don't stand for something
You will fall for anything!"
Malcolm X

I hope that 2015 will be much improved over the 2014 aviation accident/incident rate. We were doing so well without an accident, and then as Darby would say, "2014 went South!" And if you haven't read Darby's interview, it's time (click on her name and you shall be transported to a really fun place).

The reason for writing Flight For Control, and Flight For Safety, and joining Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to earn a PhD in Aviation can be read in detail on my One Wish For Aviation. But the short version is: I want to do something to help future pilots to obtain a great career in the airline industry and promote aviation safety. 

Flight For Control and Flight For Safety are about real industry events, real crashes, the current environment, some major control and training issues, and challenges pilots face. Flight For Survival (coming soon) will be the third in a series of an entertaining behind the scenes look into the lives of some very strong women submerged in the world of aviation.


What happens when NTSB investigator, Kathryn Jacobs, Captain Darby Bradshaw, and Flight Attendant Jackie Jameson team up in these real life adventures? You take one heck of a flight! But more than that, you are sharing real situations with events so close to the truth that nobody wants to believe they could be true. These novels deal with mental health issues, pilot training, unions, mergers, takeovers, layoffs, the 1500- hour requirement, and details of some very real airline crashes and incidents. 

Your support reading Flight For Control & Flight For Safety, Amazon comments, and sharing these novels with your friends helps more than you know. While I'm busy working toward that PhD, you are making a difference by keeping these stories alive. My gratitude is heartfelt, and the reward will be yours. 

This quarter's courses include a second level statistics course where I will be gathering data in attempt to reduce the number of flight hours toward the ATP for pilots with glider time. The Future of Aviation Post explains more. I'm also taking Human Centered Design course, and plan on redesigning how we teach pilots in modern day aircraft so some of those accidents we witnessed in 2014 won't happen again. 

Thank you for being on the Flight to Success Team!  
And Thank You so much for Reading:


Remember to Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Your schedule sounds so terrible busy again... Suppose you won't Have time to see me in Seattle....LOL

    1. Yes, it is busy with school. You'll have to come between quarters...or November or December... But that is your busy time! If you could travel for a short visit more often, that would be best. I just don't have too many days in a row to play. But we will figure something out.

  2. Pace yourself. Take a moment for calm every month or so! I wish you the best in your studies and in your book sales.

    1. Roland, that is the best advice ever!!! Thank you so much! Yes, I do wish I had more hours in my day...but the pace is how to survive. Finding moments. I have a couple little tricks to calm the mind and body. Hot bath each night before bed, and a movie once a week with hubby, and... I exercise daily. All good for the fast paced life. :)

  3. We will figure something out. We need too:) I would love to come to Seattle again and meet your friends and family again.
    And I need to see your golfcourse:)

    1. Yes, we need to for sure!! And we shall!!!


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