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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Media Gone Wild!

Where's the Truth?

Blogging in Formation is at it again and this month is Rob Burgon's choice is about integrity of media in our aviation world. This subject impacts all.

Rob's passion was sparked concerning the media coverage of the F-22s involvement in Syria. But it's more than that...

"This problem extends into the civilian world as well. You have pilot unions, aviation manufacturers/corporations, etc. trying to influence regulation and policy for their benefit. They do this by trying to sway public opinion, and all it takes for our Facebook-loving society to buy it hook, line, and sinker is to have a skilled (albeit uninformed) author pen a blog post with a flashy title and persuasive verbiage - next thing you know, Congressman X has his/her support for some stupid regulation that ties our hands and puts money in the pockets of the company backing the politician."

Where does it end?

I saw this problem when AF447 crashed. Bloggers were writing when they had no idea what happened as they didn't fly the A330 and speculated based on their Boeing or GA aircraft experience. MH37 went down and pilots were talking on CNN about "Engaging half the autopilot"... "Pilots putting on oxygen with one hand pulling the mask away from the face with the other to talk on the mic" or "The ability to land that plane in the jungle safely".... etc. 

We see this in the medical world with false claims on drugs, nutrition, and overall health. The data are skewed and the uneducated make claims on efficacy.

I'm taking statistics in my PhD class and unbiased, accurate reporting is essential for science. Why shouldn't it be for the rest of the world? It should! Rob has the courage to call people on specifics... and Rob's is one of the best posts I've read in a long time.

(Arrival into Seoul Korea, ICN, yesterday)
What do you think about Media and the Truth? 

I recommend you read Rob's powerful post: 

(Arrival into Seoul Korea, ICN, yesterday)

Enjoy the Journey and report it honestly!
XO Karlene


  1. And we will need some crush course “Aviation teminology for dummies (i.e. the CNN)” Like #MH370 "Developing story! Boeing 777 will struggle to maintain altittutde once the fuel tanks are empty!" or #MH17: “so far experts have determinded that the crash occured when the plane struck the ground but tey are not 100% sure yet."

    1. No kidding! lol. That was pretty funny. The head of the transportation department said "The pilots might have gone to their alternative." I guess she didn't know what an alternate was. :)


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