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Friday, October 31, 2014

Daniel Sallee

Living the Dream!

Last week I received an email from Andy, Daniel's dad, shouting to the world:

"Daniel Sallee on his first Boeing 747 flight from Cincinnati to Incheon South Korea. He is off to Hong Kong on his next leg." 

I asked Daniel what he said about his experience and he said, 
"The pacific is much quieter than Atlantic flying, that's nice. Overall I have always wanted to do pacific flying so this is pretty enjoyable. Also, I've wanted to fly the 747 since I was really young because my grandpa flew it. We had models around of that big Braniff orange 747 and I always thought it was the coolest airplane in the world. And I have to say I do love it. It's got so much room for the pilots, great rest facilities and flies and lands better than anything else I've flown."

And what could be better for today and a Happy Halloween to all, is a memory of the great pumpkin! Yes, Braniff's orange whale was called the pumpkin. 

Daniel is now flying with Altas and they are lucky to have such a qualified pilot. Daniel and his dad, Andy, come from a family of flyers. That grandpa he spoke of, Captain Jack Sallee, I honored my first novel, Flight For Control, to him, and his airline.... Coastal Airways.

Daniel was a previous Friday Flyer and how much fun it is to see photos of him as a little kid to the young man he has grown into. Click here to read more and see the change. Read about Daniel's dad here, and the legacy of the airline living on in the Sequim Valley Airport. And yet, the operation started with Jack Sallee, a Braniff captain who will be remembered always.  Next month is aviation month and what a better way to end October than celebrating a legacy of fliers and their accomplishments.

Daniel, your entire family is proud of you and I know Grandpa is on the top of the list! 

Happy Halloween!!

XOX Karlene


  1. Isn’t it amazing? Grandpa flying 747, father flying 747, son flying 747. What an amazing airplane! Going through the generations ...

    1. That is so amazing! As is the entire family!!! Thanks for your comment!


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