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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kindergarten Airplane Class~

My friend, Simon, sent me a link to a great article. With compliments, I am posting it here. 
What a great idea! 

"Everything I Needed to Know, 
I learned in Kindergarten."

"A headteacher in the Georgian city of Rustavi has found an unusual way to get children's early education off the ground -- by transforming an aeroplane into a kindergarten.


Gari Chapidze bought the old but fully functional Yakovlev Yak-42 from Georgian Airways and refurbished its interior with educational equipment, games and toys but left the cockpit instruments intact so they could be used as play tools.

"The idea was to create a kindergarten where children go with joy," Chapidze, the rector of the Institute of Georgian-Ukrainian Social Relations that runs the kindergarten, told AFP. Sometimes kids have difficulties in adapting to kindergarten, to a new environment. We decided to help them by making it fun," he said.


There are around 1,500 buttons in the small Soviet-era plane's cockpit which the kindergarten's 15 children can play with as they imitate real pilots taking off, he said.
"The children come in to the kindergarten with pleasure and cry when they have to go home. They are happy here," he added.

The private play school in the impoverished Georgian industrial city charges parents around $90 (70 euros) per month for each child, more than double what is charged by state-run institutions."

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Talk about creativity. I totally wish I had this when I was in kindergarten! This is definitely spreading the love for aviation and at such young ages. They are definitely the future!

    1. I'm thinking we need to figure out where to put our 747 grade school! They kindergarteners could have the upper deck and slide down to the main deck.

    2. Now that is a great idea! I say we put it in NWA colors. Although which NW would be the question...

    3. We will definitely repaint with a red tail... it's all about the history lessons we learn in school.

  2. Wow, what fun for the kids! Children that age can be so open and happy, it's a wonderful time to fill their lives with meaningful fun. Thanks for bringing this to us, Karlene. Something to think about!

    1. I love this. I can only imagine my grandkids going to school "anywhere" with 1500 buttons! Amazing creativity out there.


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