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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!

This morning…a 0600 wake up by my granddaughter who wanted to “play,” breakfast made by my two eldest daughters, a happy mothers day call from my youngest daughter from Chicago, a baseball game with my grandson (his first) and then my first Podcast with Airplane Geeks!
(We’ll have to wait for day 22 training)

Remember the last time you smiled straight for two plus hours? Tonight was one of those nights. (I cut and pasted their bios) Great people who will make you laugh… and think.

Benet Wilson:

Mother, aviation geek, world traveler journalist, new media hound, quilter and your favorite Aunt! She is a multimedia journalist in Washington, D.C., with almost 25 years of experience in journalism and public relations/corporate communications. She blogs about her travels on

Happy Mother’s Day Benet!

The Airplane Geeks:

Max Flight

Max has been an engine guy in the aviation industry for over 30 years, and is the creator of the Thirty Thousand Feet aviation directory. That site started back in 1996 as a single short page, and has grown (some would say pathologically) to include links to a huge number of aviation resources that span commercial, military, and general aviation Along with the companion Thirty Thousand Feet Blog, Max authors the Travel Security Blog which focuses on airline and airport security.

Max is proof that you don’t need to be a pilot to be an airplane geek. Which is good because he’s too cheap to ever get a pilot’s license, let alone hold any financial interest in an airplane more expensive than a desktop display model. Reach Max at or at

Thanks for the great time Max!

Dan Webb

Dan Webb has had a passion for aviation and airlines ever since he took his first commercial flight when he was three years old. Nowadays, Dan is a college student who just finished his freshman year at business school. He pens the blog Things in the Sky, part of, where he shares his opinions about the industry. You can reach him at
or at

It can always get hotter Dan!

David M. Vanderhoof – History Contributor

David grew up around aircraft. His father was Base Civil Engineer for the USAF 913th TAG at Willow Grove, PA. His first toy was an airplane; from that point on he never stopped looking up. David graduated from Temple University with a degree in Military History and Diplomacy, focusing on the air wars of the Middle East. Realizing that there was no money in knowing about the Air Orders of Battle of Israel and the rest of the Middle Eastern States, and he needed to eat, he eventually landed in a career as a marketing professional.

Loved the history lesson David!

And then the Plane Crazy Down Under:

The Plane Crazy Down Under podcast has been in existence since July 2009 and our guests have included Matt Hall, Owen Zupp, Joel Haski, Jim & Jenny Wickham and many other pilots as well as aviation analysts, air traffic controllers, adventurers and museum staff. We are producing the show in our spare time to help boost awareness of aviation within the Australia/Pacific region and spread the message to people that flying is fun and achievable. Our coverage spans the whole gamut of aviation and includes informative stories, interviews & discussions on topics ranging from hot air balloons, RA Aus, warbirds, & aerobatics through to charter, airlines and the militar

Steve Visscher

A self confessed podcast junkie and lapsed pilot wth a range of ratings in Australia & the United States, Steve currently drives trains for a living and dreams of getting back in the air again just as soon as life stops putting road blocks in his way. He’s studied freelance journalism (but never finished) and is also a firefighter with the Country Fire Authority in his “spare” time. He often admits to spending far more time than he should fiddling with computers & other “geek” gadgets, and his “leet mixing skillz” are stretched to the max as he works hard to ensure we sound as coherent, intelligent and witty as possible with each episode.
Grant McHerron

Grant works as part-time ground crew for commercial hot air balloon operations when he’s not doing IT project management. A perpetual student pilot, Grant has tried a couple of times to get his fixed wing license, his glider pilot’s license and, currently, his balloon license. Each time he gets further into his training, something else comes up and he either relocates around the world or watches his flying money disappear into other causes. Finally being able to link his IT geek with his Aviation Geek, Grant looks after the web site, arranges interviews and generally causes cheeky mischief.

Thank you all for allowing me to be part of your Podcast tonight!

~ Karlene


  1. It was great to "meet" you on the Airplane Geeks show today (well, this morning for me, last night for you - oh, the joys of that damned Date Line :)

    I'm enjoying reading your blog and am up to speed on the most recent few posts, but now going back to #1 to read forward. You weren't kidding when you said you had all the notes required to help pass an A330 type rating :) :)

    Thanks also for the links to our site & such. All publicity very much appreciated. We're considering a "Ladies Day" episode in the near future and it'd be great to get you on the show if you'd like.

  2. Good Morning Grant... or actually, good evening. You are welcome for the advertising. You guys are great! I would love to join you for your "Ladies Day" episode. Then I can tell you, and the world, about why Lady Pilots don't kick the tires on their walk around. :)
    Have a wonderful day down under!


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