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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hidden Hero in the Sky!

Baskets found, brunch complete, bags packed and I managed to secure an aisle seat on my flight to school. I had about twenty pages remaining to read, and was concentrating on the flight instruments chapter when a flight attendant asked me, “Are you a pilot? Can you help me fix the entertainment system?” The screens were dead, and she didn’t know what to do. And I did?

I was not sure if being a pilot correlated to the ability to fix the entertainment system on a B757… but why not try? I did warn her that I had no idea what I was doing, but agreed to take a look regardless.

A quick call to the flight deck, and the pilots re-cycled the power, and I did the same in the cabin. We rebooted the computers, but the problem resided in the flight attendant’s ability, or lack of, to program the system. Apparently there are ten of these "different" system airplanes flying around. I asked her if she had a manual, but there were none to be found. Long story short, I began to push buttons, and I started an electrical fire and we diverted to Spokane.

Ha Ha. Just kidding! About the re-route anyway. I actually fixed it! So the passengers are being entertained, and I am about finish the electrical system chapter. My last chapter! Coincidence?

Tomorrow is my first day of A330 training, so stay tuned for the daily updates.



  1. Karlene, you broke rule number 7 of the pilot's handbook: Never touch the buttons!

  2. Watch out now people will think you're a tech too! You're a hero to bored passengers everywhere now! :)

  3. What? I can't write about them or push them? lol. Let me tell you about button pushing...

  4. Thanks Heather... and I don't even feel appreciated. lol.


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