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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gratitude in the Attitude!

This morning I awoke to a number of emails and messages. One inspiring message was from David Gehman, @dflyguy, who said, “How blessed you have been. On the other end of the runway...”

How true! An incredible family, three healthy, intelligent, and beautiful daughters, the best son-laws that any parent could ever hope for, healthy and happy grandchildren, a wonderful husband who has put up with this aviation lifestyle….and an incredible career that continually navigates new possibilities.

I have actually had people tell me they’re sorry for my multiple airlines, but contrary to their empathy I feel gratitude for the many opportunities and the education each have provided, and for the many people I have met along the way. This could be a glass half full concept, but every job that went away… a better opportunity presented itself. And while I loved my Boeing 744, I am looking forward to learning a new plane.

I am also looking forward to following the careers of the many new pilots that keep arriving in my life, to learn from the experiences of those of you jetting through the skies, and to supporting all of you in your endeavors in our aviation industry. And very excited about publishing my novel, Flight For Control.

Will post a glimpse tomorrow.... stay tuned.

Now I have 344 pages of A330 Navigation, and 118 pages of Flight Instruments to read! Anyone ever fly this plane that can add some words of wisdom? Thanks!

~ Karlene


  1. I love receiving a "thank you" and a "you make me smile".

    It's speechless. Makes me walk another 3 million miles. ;)

    And yeah, I'm dwelling on the past again, see? I'm back in 2010. When everything started and there was no FFC and FFS yet, and Ph.D was still an ambition. Oh... And less you thought on being on CNN back in this time.

    For everything there is a beginning. And no matter how long it takes, one day they will come. Only if you keep walking patiently. No speeding. You know, a curve might appear and it's too late to brake.

    100 years ago, an entrepreneur, an aircraft builder and a pilot made flying profitable. A lone passenger, 30 KM and 29 minutes of flight.

    Today, we fly 44% of world's population, support 58 million jobs and $2.4 trillion dollars worth of business, millions of tons in cargo... Today, what we fly in a day is the equivalent of an entire year at the date of the Chicago Convention (70 years ago in October).

    Today, you have FFC, FFS, CNN, paintings, more books to come, new kitchen, a golf yard, bamboos, more toddlers, and above all, what you do is not just for information, but for wisdom and knowledge. You reached your maximum point in aviation education. Your Ph.D.

    If you spend your power on something, your batteries will be recharged at some point. Unless you are B787. lol

    Okay, let's travel back to 4 years ahead from now.

    1. Alex, this is the most awesome comment! I'm thinking batteries need charging for sure!


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