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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preflight Complete!

All pilots know the importance of a thorough preflight. Time spent before the flight to assure that our aircraft is airworthy, and ready to go before we depart.

This morning, my alarm rang at 0500, but my computer told the truth: 0200 in Seattle, and a 22 hour day ensues. Looking forward to an airplane nap this evening… good to be a passenger tonight, and a positive space at that.

Preflight items for my day: Yoga, email, twitter,, 30 minute bike to read A330 systems, shower, pack, and preflight complete!

Cleared to catch the van for the last day of pilot indoctrination. After class, I will be on an 1845 flight to Seattle.

Arrival goal: Bed.

Friday, I am featuring the first of many Fabulous Flyers: Marilyn Dash! The pilot, owner, and racer for Ruby Red Racing. She’s awesome!

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