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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Commitment and Connection

Someone once asked me, “Do you always get what you want?” My answer was no, but after a moment of reflection I said, “Yeah, I guess I do. But that’s only because I am willing to ask for what I want.” More importantly, I am willing to commit the time, energy and resources necessary to achieve my goals.

Commitment is a common trait among pilots, not only to reaching their goals, but commitment to performance and safety.

A 1300 page A330 systems manual, flight crew training manual, flight ops manual, and quick reference handbook (QRH) lay on my desk…22 lbs of information that I will be required to know when I spit out the other end of training. (I weighed my manuals.) My goal is to read all materials before I show up to training, and make a study guide. My goal is to arrive prepared. I am almost there, not quite. 7 days and counting down.

This summer I had the opportunity to meet another group of people: Authors. I learned that agents receive 200-300 queries weekly, that most people at one time or other say, “I’d like to write a novel,” that there is natural talent, and there is learned talent. I also know which authors will be successful, strictly by their level of commitment.

Heather, Heather's Odyssey, one of those authors who will be successful, introduced me to blogging and twitter. Some may think that these activities are a social network waste of time, but they are actually places to meet and connect with people with the same interests and levels of commitment as you.

Yesterday I met Nicole Saulnier via twitter. She is a pilot, the owner operator of Georgian Bay Airways, and the mother of three young children. She has achieved her goals due to a high level of commitment, and will be my next Friday’s Fabulous Flyer. Interesting enough, at the end of March I will be in training in Montreal, a few hours from her home.

I have also met numerous student pilots on twitter, and am excited to watch their successes, help them any way I can, and I look forward to bragging about them on my blog. Not only are they studying, flying and working hard to achieve their goals, but they are committed to connecting with other people doing the same thing.

Power in numbers has been proven throughout history!

Today’s commitments:
A330: Pneumatics, APU, Windows, Emergency Equipment, Engine and warning systems, and memory items.
Network: Visit email, and twitter to see how my tweeps are doing.
Health: 90 minute yoga class.

Figure out what you want to do in your life, connect with others and get committed!


  1. Awww thanks! Your faith in me inspires me to no end!

  2. You are the inspiration to all, and opened a whole knew world for me. Thank you!!!

  3. Karlene, some possibly relevant information to share. Need to be anonymous. Do you have an email?


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